Tabletop Gods: The Demons are coming! The Demons are coming!

Tabletop Gods: The Demons are coming! The Demons are coming!

The Ghost Fish Games team at Other Ocean Group have been hard at work making new additions and improvements to Tabletop Gods as it passes through Early Access, getting ready for launch. They are pleased to announce their biggest addition to the game so far, the new Demonic Governance faction and map!

The Demonic Governance is the new, third faction of minions for players to command – joining the already available Human and Undead factions. The Governance consists of dual-wielding Reavers, lightning-spewing Worms, dark magic-casting Demon Mages, flame-eyed Behemoths and the powerful Demon Lord! The Governance update also brings with it a new demon-themed tabletop as well as new Vortex Cannons, Rift Bombards and Rage Totems for all tabletops, granting Gods more weapons to unleash upon their opponents!

 Here are some of the updates already added to, or coming soon for Tabletop Gods:

  • New Demonic Governance faction – DONE
  • New Demonic Tabletop – DONE
  • New spells – DONE
  • New traps – DONE
  • New Achievements – DONE
  • Localization into French, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean and Mandarin – DONE
  • Gameplay, mini-map and key-binding improvements – DONE
  • Leaderboards for multiplayer bragging rights – DONE
  • Mortal Cam Spectator View – DONE
  • Tightened up the graphics in level 3 – DONE
  • Additional mercenary troops usable by any faction – Coming Soon
  • More improvements and additional features geared towards streaming – Coming Soon
  • Why are you reading this and not playing Tabletop Gods? – NOW

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