Stardew Valley Will Support Multiplayer On Next Update

Stardew Valley Will Support Multiplayer On Next Update

Stardew Valley, the popular indie farming simulator, developed by Eric Barone, is getting an update soon. The new update will include a multiplayer support, where players and their friends can band together to run their virtual farm in game.

In a tweet posted by Barone, he revealed that, “I’m finished with the new content and have shifted all my attention to getting multiplayer ready!” Furthermore, he also posted a picture of the multiplayer mode and said that, “4-player Stardew Valley LAN party at my house…it’s really fun, It still needs some work, but the underlying network code is solid.”
As someone who have spent countless hours in Stardew Valley on my Switch, I know for a fact how tedious it is to run a farm singlehandedly. This update, will definitely bring tons of fun as I can now manage my farm with my friends. As for the release date of the multiplayer mode, Barone and publisher Chucklefish Games is yet to reveal the date. However, just like with other updates, expect it to be released on the PC first, before it comes to other consoles.
Stardew Valley is available for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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