SOUTH PARK Sequel Causes Demonetisation For Youtube Gameplay Videos

SOUTH PARK Sequel Causes Demonetisation For Youtube Gameplay Videos

If you thought your awesome South Park The Fractured but Whole gameplay video was going to bring you tons of hits and thereby tons of Youtube monetisation, you’re pot out of luck. Just like so many others, you haven’t considered the Youtubes terms that you signed up for when you agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
Those that uploaded have quickly found their videos marked for Demonetisation. This has led to Youtubers removing their videos, censoring certain vulgar elements, and uploading it again. As Haedox commented under one of his recent videos after editing it:

So, the video got demonetized and a copyright claim when I showed some donguses and the footage from the show. Figured that it would be better to fox the footage or just censor everything. It sucks I had to take it down and then reupload.

And this was his video in question:

You can’t actually blame Youtube. I know tons of children that go on Youtube, and I know just as many parents that would die if their children happened on this footage. The Terms and Conditions are there for a reason, so if you break it, you pay. Or don’t get paid out, in this case. Strangely enough, gameplay videos where you tear men to shreds with machinegun or slip a garrote around a man’s neck to choke him to death are ok.
How do you feel about it? Should they be given a chance to show the full gameplay, or is Youtube correct in ensuring censorship. Let us know.




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