Slitherine K-Project Helps Indie Devs to Publish

Slitherine K-Project

If you’ve been one of our readers for a very long time, then the name Slitherine Ltd should sound very familiar. No, it’s not a wanna-be Harry Potter club which Professor Snape fans formed. Rather, it’s a game publisher that published some games we reviewed over the last two years.

Here is a list of our Slitherine game reviews:

Slitherine Game Publishing History

Slitherine K-Project

Slitherine prides itself specifically for its great ideas and innovation. While the game publisher holds some success in the video game industry, it believes it can do more.

It sees new games becoming lost in the tide of new game releases every year on consoles and PC. For example, Steams boasts 25 game releases daily on average.

The game publisher often helps indie game developers publish their games. It employs more than 100 staff with offices in the US, Milan, Canada and London. Furthermore, it also has offices in Bulgaria and France.

Slitherine publishes new games generally every week. The bulk of its games specifically features war and strategy titles.

Slitherine was also an indie game developer once. It generally started out developing games in 2000 with only three staff in a single room.

Marco A. Minoli, Marketing Director of Slitherine

“We will never forget we started with a team of three people in a room with our first game, Legion. We love indie games and we believe K-Project can give a solid chance to any promising indie developer with a passion for strategy games,” says Marco A. Minoli, Marketing Director of Slitherine.

Introducing the K-Project

Welcome to Slitherine’s K-Project. The game publisher specifically introduces it as an ongoing program of activities showcasing indie developers. The project also aims to assist indie game developers with releasing their titles. It generally plans to do this with a key game publishing strategy.

“We’re not taking anything from them. We’re just helping them put the game on the market. That’s actually one thing that’s valid for all our contracts. We never ever signed a game where we own the IP as a publisher. We’ve been a developer and we know what it’s like,” Marco Minoli said in an interview with

Slitherine Funding Strategy

So what does Slitherine plan to do? Well, the game publisher is specifically investing 5% of indie game sales earnings within the K-Project. The initial sum that Slitherine has already invested is $100,000. Furthermore, the funds will help to improve and publish games over the next couple of months.

Slitherine indicates that it already has three projects ready. Firstly, Tactical Troops – Anthracite Shift is a sci-fi tactical wargame. The Laser Squad type game provides a fresh touch to the genre. It should spark some interest in strategy gamers.

How you can apply

Do you need funding for your game? Applying to the Slitherine K-project is generally simple. Head on over to the K-Project website and provide details there. Also, ensure that you read the submission guidelines before you apply.

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