SLASHERS: THE POWER BATTLE 2D Fighter Now Available for Early Access on PC

SLASHERS: THE POWER BATTLE 2D Fighter Now Available for Early Access on PC

Stun Games and Kiss Ltd. have announced that their furious 2D arcade fighter Slashers: The Power Battle has launched onto Early Access. PC warriors are invited to join the fray in frantic weapon-based arcade fighting, inspired by classic game series like Street Fighter 3, Last Blade and Guilty Gear. Slashers: The Power Battle offers epic, tactical combat that explodes across bold cartoon environments with fantastical larger than life fighters to command and defeat.
Slashers first appeared for iOS and Android in 2015 and quickly became a huge global hit. The unprecedented success of the 2D fighter meant Slashers: The Power Battle was quickly destined for a PC launch. The new version has been completely revamped and restyled from the ground up for an incredibly polished PC battleground with brand new animations and new gameplay features.
Slashers: The Power Battle features a combination of easy to use controls with 4 attack buttons (Slash, Big Slash, Kick, Power) and epic tactical gameplay. You can use devastating combos to cripple your enemies, fill up your ‘Power Meter’ to unleash a dizzying lineup of strategic moves, and defeat your foes with character specific finishers. Slashers features multiple gameplay modes for a truly varied fighting experience. You can create and customize your warrior with Journey mode, challenge players all around the world with Net-play mode and access each character’s rich story in Arcade mode.
Galip Kartoglu, Founder of Stun Games, gives us some more insight:

Slashers: The Power Battle is extremely fast paced, chaotic, challenging fun that really captures the spirit of the old-school fighting games. We’re so excited to be bringing Slashers to PC gamers at the earliest possible opportunity, and can’t wait to start engaging with our community.

Darryl Still, Co-Founder and CEO of Kiss Ltd, also shared his thoughts with us:

Early Access is such a fantastic opportunity for hungry, community focused developers like Stun Games. We’re already so thrilled with the development of Slashers: The Power Battle so we can only imagine how it will flourish with the help of the Early Access players.

We’re hoping to get hold of an Early Access code so that we can preview this gem for you. Until then, Slashers is now available to purchase via Steam Early Access for $6.99/£5.19/€6.99.



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