Skyrim / Morrowind Medley by Gorgeous Twin Harpists

Skyrim / Morrowind Medley by Gorgeous Twin Harpists

As much as I am a musician myself, playing electric, bass and acoustic guitars as well as a violin, I honestly didn’t know that you get an electric harp.

Putting my musical ignorance aside, I was surfing the tube for twins playing musical instruments and came upon these gorgeous twins, Camille and Kennerly, who played a medley of Skyrim and Morrowing theme songs. Granted, it is about seven years old now, but the video is still great to watch and the sound awesome to listen to.

If you’d like something more recent, here they are playing a Despacito cover, which is less gaming and more music, but stunning nonetheless.

If you know of any great game covers, be sure to let us know in the comments.


  1. Amazing stuff!


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