SALTY GOAL PRODUCTIONS Releases Epic Trailer for Survival Horror Game, HEGIS' GRASP

Salty Goal Productions, the game development company that partnered with Celenic Game Studios to bring games to PS4, PC, Xbox and mobile, has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming survival horror game, Hegis’ GraspI have personally been playing the pre-release beta and it has been an amazing experience. The graphics are not quite up to the standards of the likes of Resident Evil 7, but the story, gameplay and unpredictability are far better in some ways… perhaps what we had originally expected from RE7.
I don’t want to give away too much just yet, as you can expect a full review from me soon. Here is the trailer that was released.
Celenic Earth Publishers have also published the book on which the game was based, written by Dean Clark. We believe that the game and book will be sold as a bundle upon launch.

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