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Saints Row IV Re-Elected Switch Review – Is it worth a buy?

Ever since the very first Saints Row release I and many others wanted a handheld version. Volition did have one in the making with ‘Saints Row: Undercover’ dating back to the PSP. unfortunately that was cancelled, But gameplay does exist online. There is even a downloadable ISO that was posted by Volition. If you are a fan of Saints Row I highly recommend watching Volition’s YouTube channel and watching their dev build streams from 2015 (HERE). though unfortunately they no longer make them.

Same Old Saints Row IV

The Nintendo Switch version of Saints Row: Re-Elected is exactly the same game as all other platforms so if you own it on them and aren’t particularly interested in the portability that handheld offers, then give this one a miss as it feels like a lazy port unfortunately.

Saints Row

Zinyak Controls, But Dominatrix Graphics

The controls are pretty good and easy to get used to until you try to aim, I can’t put my finger on it but I really struggled to aim with the Nintendo Switch Joycons. Ultimately I had to resort to connecting a controller up, which kind of kills the whole handheld experience of the game.

One thing Saints Row IV Re-Elected does right on the Switch are the graphics and gameplay. Throughout my whole time playing I didnt endure any significant frame drops.

All Hail The Handheld, but is it worth a buy?

If you own Saints Row IV: Re-Elected on Console or PC and you want to play it while docked I would say stay away from this port. But if you want to play handheld and can get past the awful aiming issues then snap this up because its all the fun of Saints Row IV and really is worth a buy!


Saints Row IV: Re-Elected on Nintendo Switch is a beautiful looking game with subpar controls. But if you can get past the horrible aiming then it may be worth it for the portability of a Saints Row game!

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Review Overview

The Saints finally came to handheld, but with controls that are less then desirable.

  • Graphics90%
  • Sound80%
  • Controls20%
  • New Content0%
  • Gameplay80%
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