Reddit User Crafts Armour and Sword with Magic: The Gathering Cards

Reddit User Crafts Armour and Sword with Magic: The Gathering Cards

I am always looking out for creative interpretations of games, if only to validate my own obsessive nature with games I love. Reddit user TechnicolorTraveler is the latest to catch my attention. She has masterly crafted and entire suit with a sword from Magic: The Gathering cards. I have my own collection of Core sets from 2014 – 2017, but there is now way I would ever be this brave to mash them into anything.
Her reddit thread has pulled a fair bit of attention, even from Kotaku, with the community asking questions like how many cards she used. To that she did not have the answer. Clearly she was too busy constructing the armour to worry about the amount. That would be the last thing on my mind too.
When I mentioned to her about using his own cards, she responded:

“I didn’t want to hurt my cards either, so I just used basic lands, and my local store sold me a box of a thousand basic lands for $5, so I didn’t mind too much.

Well done to you, Techni, for catching my attention and being featured on AIR Entertainment. Here are some shots from her Album on Imgur:

FUN FACT from TechnicolorTraveler:

“Don’t buy your MTG cards on Amazon. It’s great, but I made the mistake of buying there first: 400 lands is $12 on Amazon. 1,000 is $5 at my local place. Support your local business. 🙂 “



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