PlayStation Shares Why Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is One of the Best Games of 2018

PlayStation Shares Why Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is One of the Best Games of 2018

Kristen Titus,  Social Media Specialist of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, shared with us yesterday on the Playstation Blog, why Titus believes Assassin’s Creed Odyssey deserved Best Game of 2018 award, and why it is the Editor’s Choice for PlayStation.

Being a huge AC fan myself, I wanted to share their views as well as my own personal opinions on whether it deserves this award.


The PlayStation View

In every Assassin’s Creed game, there is a moment where the assassin clambers up to some high-reaching vista — a tower, a balcony, maybe even a ship’s mast — and briefly focuses their eagle eye on the land below them before bounding forward into a leap of faith.

The thrill is usually in the leap, a reflection of the quick, fluid, sneaky gameplay that was once the foundation of the series. With Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the thrill is now in the climb, and the expansive beauty that waits at the top as a reward.


Like myself, Titus is a huge fan of the AC franchise. It is further explained on the Blog  how Odyssey brings much of the same from the series, such as the leap of faith, the stealth kills, while bringing some new elements. Odyssey takes us to ancient Greece where you are a Spartan mercenary, where Titus chose the female character Kassandra, who was determined to reunite her family.

And as many others, Titus was shocked when the hidden blade was completely abandoned on this game, with a focus on other types of stealth and aggressive kills. The Spear of Leonidas is your new main weapon, while there are hundreds of secondary weapons to choose from. Titus feels that “the broader skill set makes for more engaging and strategic combat.”

What stood out the most for Titus was the rich and captivating human characters. Titus has spent more time listening to NPCs squabble and talk around her than I have, that’s for sure. And it was the side quests breaking off from the main quests that had her hooked on the game for days.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey elevates the entire series to new heights, making it a joy for loyal fans and a brilliant entry point for folks that just didn’t even know where to begin with previous entries. It’s easily one of the best games this year, and a knockout in the decade-long franchise.

Remember, you can read her full thoughts here.



Before I begin, feel free to watch my gameplay video above. I haven’t as yet written a full review for the game for two reasons. First, because we have been inundated with so many game codes, that reviewing one that I personally bought is last priority for me. Secondly, the game is so huge and vast that I still have yet to complete it among all the games I am testing.

However, I am happy to share some of my thoughts along with Titus. Odyssey is by far the biggest game in the franchise so far. It has taken so much of what I have loved in Origins and improved upon it. There are a host of new abilities, but much of the menu screens and gameplay mechanics have been carried over from Origins.

Which isn’t a bad thing. Much of what started frustrating me with AC games pre-Origins is gone thankfully, which makes the new fresh start for the series so great. Odyssey takes us on the Greek seas, which means we have more of the waters and ships like we did in Black Flag, than we did in Origins. I am glad to have this back, since I rather enjoyed spending time at sea with the crew singing their shanties.

What I love is that you can change your crew as you please. I’ve unlocked so many types of crew already, but my favourite so far are the female assassins, with Evie Frye from AC Syndicate as one of my Legendary Lieutenants. Ok, so it may seem chauvinistic for me as a man to surround myself with all these gorgeous women at sea, but hell, so be it. For death and glory!! And for Sparta!!

When the game starts with Leonidas, in the first battle, I instantly knew it was the infamous Battle of 300, having watched the movie 300 a million times and reading up on the legends. It was quite exciting to take part in the legendary battle, and many of the myths that followed.

The one thing that really struck me was the amount of cursing in the game. Sure, there was some sense of nudity, even a nude statue to Zeus with his small winky for all to see, but the cursing was what got me more. Almost every sentence in the dialogue has the wonderful F-bomb in it, with some complimentary shits (pun intended) every now and again.

Now, I’m not opposed to using the F-word myself every now and again, but I am left wondering if someone researched whether they swore like sailors, or if that was simply creative licence by some dude in Ubisoft who was in a bad mood when they developed the game. This is one game where I wished they allowed me to turn the cursing off, simply because it was overdone.

There is some sensual fun to be had though. You can perform some missions that will seduce the person giving you the quests, as well as selecting the right dialogue, until they sleep with you. This reminds me so much of GTA, and even the blackout-until-morning scene is familiar.

So there is a whole load of F$$king in a game that uses the F$$k word a lot.

Sex and swearing aside, the game is loads of fun. Just exploring the map and opening up areas is enough for me. Sure, there are so many quests to keep you busy. Indeed, side quests and map opening appear to be there as a bridge between your level and the level required for main missions. But the expansive nature of the game is what I truly love about it. I spend days running around opening areas and discovering everything in them before I move to the area’s quests and then finally the main missions.

Which is why I still haven’t finished it. In the end, I agree with Titus that it is definitely one of the Best Games of 2018: and I am so glad that multiplayer no longer exists!!!





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