PC Review – Space Hulk Tactics

PC Review – Space Hulk Tactics

Space Hulk Tactics was officially released on 9 October 2018 on Steam. It was developed by Cyanide Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive. It is science fiction turn-based strategy game set in the 40,000 Warhammer universe.

AIR Entertainment obtained a digital copy of the game for review purposes.

If you are subscribed to AIR Entertainment’s Youtube Channel, you can catch a glimpse of AIR Entertainment’s gameplay video along with some other game videos. For your convenience, you can also watch it here below:





Somewhere in the infinite vastness of space, there is a massive wreckage floating. This wreckage consists of the remains of a destroyed space ships, asteroids, and space debris, all mangled into one huge mess.

This wreckage is called…. the Space Hulk.

Space Hulk Tactics takes the beloved enjoyment of the classic 40,000 Warhammer boardgame of the same name (Space Hulk), and adapts it to the PC. One can also choose to side with the Blood Angels, who are the Terminator Space Marines, or the Genestealers, evil aliens bent on annihilating anyone they find.

As one travels through the Space Hulk, each stage becomes more challenging and challenging and the secrets of the monster wreckage are uncovered. Each chapter has special missions in order to complete the stage, making it that much more challenging and exciting to play.

The story also retains the 40,000 Warhammer characters, creatures and stories, which is what makes this game so fantastic for fans like myself. And if one wants more enjoyment out of the game, there is also the online multiplayer which allows one to choose between Dark Angels, Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and even Genestealers!




Space Hulk: Tactics is at its heart a turn-based strategy game. Unlike many turn-based games though, it sports many features absent in other games of its kind. For instance, one can interact with objects that one may encounter. One can close doors behind so that Genestealers cannot follow, or work with electronics to gain an advantage.

Then there is the card system. One can used cards to power up marines or change the abilities needed to obtain victory. Sometimes knowing which cards to use means the difference between life and death.

However, sometimes the game feels overly difficult, like there is only one way to pass the mission. And unless one can figure out what the developers intended or in which way to complete the mission, one will be stuck on the stage for a very long time.

Which is exciting for strategists who enjoy the thrill of a good challenge… but frustrating for those who just want to enjoy the game.






The graphics are fantastic, not only for a turn-based game, but for any game in general. Each character, creature and part of the ship is very detailed. What makes the game even more spectacular is that there are motion-action videos for certain events, such as shooting down a Genestealer. They have gone out of their way to make this some sweet science fiction eye-candy.

The sounds are also very explosive. Literally. There a so many bombs and shooting sounds when the action takes place, and even walking around receives a deep thud or armoured marines on the ship. There are also musical scores that will excite any player into action, as well as voice-acting for the marines.




space hulk tactics Score.jpg

Space Hulk: Tactics will not only be loved by 40,000 Warhammer fans, but by lovers of turn-based strategy and science fiction. It is an action-intensive glory that will test the best chess players in the world, to the point of frustration and eventual satisfaction.

With world-class graphics and sound to accompany a wonderful game, Space Hulk: Tactics earns 9.5/10.


Disclaimer: AIR Entertainment obtained a digital copy for reviewing purposes. This review is the author’s own opinion and not influenced by the developer in any way, as per our reviewing Code of Ethics.



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