PC Review – HyperGun

PC Review – HyperGun

Hypergun is officially being released today, 23 August 2018, on Steam. It was developed and published by NVYVE Studios. It is a first person shooter set in a futuristic time with science fiction type settings.

I was lucky enough to receive a review code about a week ago for Beta testing.

If you are subscribed to our AIR Entertainment Youtube Channel, you can catch a glimpse of our gameplay video along with some of our other game videos. For your convenience, you can also watch it here below:







You are Dewey Owens. You start in a simulation centre where you can walk around freely and have a look at letters, technological notes and listen to audio. Your chief mission is to test weapons and attachments in a simulation room where you shoot aliens to test the effectiveness of the weapon in the event that aliens actually do attack.

And you need to develop your Hypergun. You are tasked with finding the best combination of gun and attachment to most effectively wipe out alien hordes.

But what excites me the most is not the story, even though that is quite fun. No. I am a collector. I loved the Assassin’s Creed 2 Ezio series because you could kit out your armoury with every weapon and suit found. I also kind of loved Fallout 4 in a way that I could also lay out an armoury room with all the weapons I had collected and crafted, even though I could not pin them to a wall.

And in this way, Hypergun has made me very happy. There is a weapon room where there are pods for every class weapon and attachment you have discovered or unlocked. There is also an alien room with pods that fill up with aliens as you discover and kill them. This type of bestiary collection has me orgasming in all the right places. It is what makes me want to play this game for hours on end, just so that I can complete my collections.






The keyboard and mouse input for this game is very very responsive. I also love how each weapon seems to respond differently. When you try out a new class or attachment, you immediately know whether you will love it or not. It helps develop the feel for your development of the hypergun, which is what the main goal is.

Enemies or aliens are also very responsive and quite intelligent. They won’t just straight up run at you for you to mow down. Enemies react differently and you need to work out what their actions and responses are so you can time your attack strategically. Many times I have had to evade combat for a moment just to head back in and try a different approach. Luckily, it is just a simulation, so when you die you just respawn and try again.

The attachments are a great addition too. You need to learn which attachments or abilities work best on which aliens. At least when you are done killing them, you can head to the alien room and read up on what they are called and what their abilities are. Which, once again, is fantastic. It is the type of Bestiary room I wish Diablo 3 had. Or, EVERY GAME for that matter of fact.





The graphics in this game are superb. It is clean and crisp, and I love all the colours that give it that TRON look to it. Even some of the initial music when starting up the game has that TRON soundtrack feel to it.

And then you enter the main hall and rooms and everything is quiet. The vastness of space. It brings back memories of Doom 3 before all hell broke loose and you are snooping around reading memos and terminals.

The different weapons and attachments are also beautifully brought to the screen of my top-end gaming laptop in full HD. I can imagine this might put some strain on some low spec computers, but if you have a high def gaming system, then this game is definitely for you. The aliens are also wonderful to behold, if you even deem to pay attention while they are hurling projectiles at you.

The music while running around killing aliens in your simulator is also great. The playlist has a fantastic beat to kill beasts to, while the sounds of the plasma guns also sends happiness up my spine. The mix of graphics and sound is utterly amazing, and I dare say they could give gaming companies like ID Software and Bethesda a run for their money.



Hypergun Score.jpg

I love first person shooters. I love science fiction games where you kill aliens. I love that this is a simulation preparing for a future alien attack (which we should be doing for real anyway). And… AND… I love that you get to grow a collection of weapons and beasts to view in the rooms.

There is nothing I can fault this game with. The only thing that could make this game better is if I could get to play this on the PSVR in Virtual Reality. Now THAT would be epic.

Hypergun is a super awesome game that will be keeping me busy for many months to come, especially if they keep updating the game with new content. Do yourself a favour, and head on over and grab yourself a copy today… before everyone else has all the fun before you. It really really is worth it.


Disclaimer: AIR Entertainment received a review copy for reviewing purposes. This review is the author’s own opinion and not influenced by the developer in any way, as per our reviewing Code of Ethics.



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