PC Review – Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected

PC Review – Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected

Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected was officially released on 27 September 2018 on Steam. It was developed and published by Odd Branch Publishing. It is survival horror game set in a haunted town called Hegis and is based on the novel Hegis’ Grasp by Dean Clark.

AIR Entertainment obtained a digital copy of the game for review purposes.

If you are subscribed to AIR Entertainment’s Youtube Channel, you can catch a glimpse of AIR Entertainment’s gameplay video along with some other game videos. For your convenience, you can also watch it here below:





Hegis’ Grasp has a rich story to it. Which it should, considering that it is a game adaptation from Dean Clark’s horror novel by the same name. The player steps into the feet of an investigative journalist Henry Wood, who has heard horrific tales about the town of Hegis.

Immediately from the start of the game, the player encounters the locked gates of the town. Excitement builds as notes and items are discovered to lead one through the forest trees to find another way into the town. As on heads into the actual town itself, it is quite clear that something is very very wrong with it. Strange rituals, demonic creatures, lingering shadows and cries through the night… yes, something went very wrong here.

The story has stories within it too. Notes tell of others that had gone in before, and reports of strange happenings in Hegis. The story is rich with mystery and intrigue, making one want to search further in the town to discover just what the hell is going on (pun intended). It reaches a point where one wonders just how badly one wants to know, or if one would rather just run for dear life. In the end, the player must decide how everything ends… if one can survive the horrors of Hegis.

Not only is the story rich with content, but so is the game and its bestiary. There are villagers to contend with, animals that will suddenly lunge at the player, and also some ghostly beings. There was one particularly creature that appeared through a wall that cannot be killed (or so it seemed) that it was best to run away from and sneak around than confront. This deliberate choice in strategy made the game even more exciting to play.

Do not think one will have an army of weapons and ammo though. This is survival horror at its best. One needs to find as many usual items to make it through this eerie town as possible. Saving ammo for the bosses and big creatures is best, and stealth is an even better option to save any weapons for when it is really needed.





When the player starts the game, there is the option to choose the type of PC that the game is being played on, ranging from Potato PC to Beast Mode. AIR Entertainment was lucky enough to play on full beast mode for the utmost performance. In full beast mode, the game is smooth and plays wonderfully, easing smoothly through the framerates as if it were mere childsplay.

Movements with the keyboard and mouse are just as smooth and aiming at enemies is a pleasure. Even when one accidentally is caught between a bush and a hard place, maneuvering out of those situations are easier than many AAA games out there today.

Finding useful items and activating them is also pretty easy, although it has been found that sometimes one must look off the item slightly in order to highlight and activate it. Thankfully, this happens seldom enough to be a worry, but is noticeable. One of the chief concerns are the wild animals and NPC’s that either run away from you or towards you, and they seem to run still in place. This came to an advantage when an enemy tried to attack, but stood in place to be taken care of without hassle.

Having discussed this with the development team, AIR Entertainment has been notified that the above issues have been highlighted and will be resolved with the next update.

Excusing the above, nothing else could be found at fault and the gameplay is rather simple to use, which creates a greater focus around the story and atmosphere.






While not world-turning graphics, the scenes are fantastic enough to make one feel as if one is really within Hegis. There are some points where the characters appeared slightly blocky, and then other times where the graphics are absolutely outstanding. Creatures that jump at the player are an outright scare and literally makes one jump out of the seat. Whoever came up with these creatures knows what terror is.

There was particularly one scene that reminded this horror gamer of Silent Hill:

hegis (1).jpg

These old favourite horror themes were great, and even those weird things sitting in the attic of the building was enough to send one into a spin.

Now for the best part of the game: the sound. When I originally played the Beta, the voice acting didn’t seem to match speech patterns and didn’t appear quite right in terms of the reactions of the characters. In this final version of Evil Resurrected, the voice acting has been pulled off perfectly. Speeches match movements with no delay, and the characters appear to be more emotional.

The best part of the game is the sound atmosphere. If the cries of the villagers or the scream of the creatures do not send one running for the hill, then the ambient sounds of the village will be enough to terrify players. Stephen King’s essence of building up suspense appears to be captured wonderfully in this game, with a great mixture of sound and graphics. Certain sounds bring with them the element of foreshadowing: the player knows something is coming, but not sure what. It is this fear of the unknown, or what I call the King Principle of Terror, which sets one on the edge and makes this game one of the most horrifying games players can play this year.




Hegis Grasp Score.jpg

Despite the few niggly glitches, Hegis’ Grasp pulls off what so many so-called survival games have failed to do this year: it is truly terrifying and very unpredictable. With a rich story, horrific creatures, mysterious clues and suspense hidden in the atmosphere, it is no wonder that this game deserves a well-earned 9/10.

The only thing AIR Entertainment is looking forward to is one day possibly seeing the game come to console, specifically Playstation VR. Running around Hegis in virtual reality will surely provide some very heart-stopping moments indeed.

Disclaimer: AIR Entertainment obtained a digital copy for reviewing purposes. This review is the author’s own opinion and not influenced by the developer in any way, as per our reviewing Code of Ethics.



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  1. Glad you liked it!! First time I voice acted and it is great seeing your review mention it and give it a positive review!

    • You guys did a great job capturing the emotions of the characters. I was really impressed on this improvement.


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