Pangeon PC review – Is it Worth it?

Pangeon PC review – Is it Worth it?

Developed by Mr Ciastku and published by Ultimate Games, pangeon is a medieval dungeon crawler, taking inspiration from classics such as Doom and adding a modern touch. With the Minecraft style aesthetics and the RPG elements sprinkled in, is the game worth it? Keep Reading our Pangeon PC review to find out!

An unfortunate attempt of reviving retro gaming, one can appreciate jumping into the time machine and venturing back into video games of old. But nostalgia can only go so far. The game was short, linear and otherwise unrewarding.

I was, however, impressed that compared to the modern HD outlook on games that opt for blockbuster visuals, clear gameplay, and complicated storylines. Pangeon at least tries to stick to the Roots that inspired it. Peppering the game full of simplicities.

Pangeon is an action-based, fighting game, yet I found the fighting part at times lacking. the ability to kill the mobs using a sword seemed dull and powerless, resulting in me remaining loyal throughout to the bow. Which would have been great, had the game allowed for a sustainable amount of arrows.

I did find some of the mobs interesting, the first was a mini version of Dende from Dragon ball Z. Yet others included a very generic, uninspired selection. Demons, killer pumpkins, skeletons, slimes, and others to name a few.

Pangeon PC Review

Pangeon was a Very confusing game, wandering aimlessly through corridors, opening random doors, hoping to find some sense to it all. The Xbox store detailed more of the game’s story in the store description than is present in the game itself. It feels like you are wandering around a maze like some little lost puppy with monsters attacking me, always preparing for something to come behind another door.

The sound effects are good, even using small touches like the crumbling of bones after defeating the skeletons and breaking the barrels to find loot. I also found the small shrines in the dungeon interesting as it always could lead to some interesting game theories. You start the game in a small room filled with a weapon stand, a chest and small furniture with barrels and relying solely on candlelight to prevent walking in utter darkness. Another good point to the game is being able to choose your characters, you can choose between rogue, warrior, archer, or mage. But due to the gameplay mechanics, a few of the classes just aren’t really worth your consideration.

Green slime creatures come out from the sewage like pipes and try to kill you. You cannot escape, the doors lock so you stand and courageously fight for your life. You cannot run and you cannot hide. It does help if you are at the right angle to defeat them. The music is oddly familiar, but I cannot put my finger on where I have heard similarity to it before.

From investigating through maze walls, through deadly doors and cellar doors, you find survivors that have shielded themselves from the mobs and you can interact with a trader to restock arrows, selling potions and pork chops.

Sadly, the game does feel rushed and I would not consider it a fully developed game, rather more something you’d expect from a demo. I would give some advice and I would familiarise yourself with the controls before you face the mobs as it can be glitchy as a game with several bugs.

Pangeon PC Review – The Verdict

In conclusion, as a retro game, it would have some potential, but I personally would not play it again. The game just felt rushed. the weapons could have been better and the story is as good as absent. The game as a whole, though short, would be decent enough to consider purchasing. Had the price tag not been slapped on at $9.99. I’d most certainly wait until the game is reduced to a respectable price tag. (anything lower than $5.)

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