Our latest Videos: F1 2017 Career and Multiplayer Gameplay, Obduction and No Man Sky Atlas Rising

We’ve been heavy at work, playing games professionally while trying to pretend we don’t feel like kids inside having the time of our lives. Some new games have recently been released, such as F1 2017 and Obduction, which we have taken to sinking our teeth in. Both games will bring us hours if not months of enjoyment. I am in several F1 2017 racing leagues which keeps me busy for several nights in the week as I compete for the championships.
You can watch below to see me play through these games, or visit our Gameplay Videos page at anytime to revisit it. You can also see my GameTyrant reviews of F1 2017, Obduction and No Man’s Sky update: Atlas Rising. The rest of our AIR team are hoping to bring you their opinions of these games soon.
Remember, we are open to creating any gameplay videos you may be interested in. So shout to us for any games you would love to see. Subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss any.







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