Nintendo Deletes Animal Crossing Dream Islands for Hacking and Cheating

Nintendo Deletes Animal Crossing Dream Islands for Hacking and Cheating

We reported yesterday in our Nintendo August Highlights that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a brand new summer update. One of the new features includes being able to blast some fireworks. However, the feature that has come under fire from creators and players alike is the ability to visit other islands in your dreams.

Why is this ability in Animal Crossing such a hot topic? What steps are Nintendo taking to protect creator islands from assault? Let’s take a deeper look in our article below.

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Nintendo is deleting Animal Crossing dream islands for hacking and cheating | Players reporting hacks | Creators cannot appeal false reports | Read more here!

Players Reporting Animal Crossing Creator Islands For Hacking and Cheating

As you can see in the video above, some content creators have been making videos of where they have found dream islands that have hacks. While the new dream island feature doesn’t allow you to make any permanent changes to a creator’s land, nothing stops you from recording what you find. Several broadcasters have gone to town reporting lands that appear to be cheating.

Nintendo is taking notice. In numerous email screenshots that have been posted online, there is clear evidence that cheating and hacking goes against the code of conduct. Therefore, Nintendo is deleting any Animal Crossing dream islands that contain cheats or hacks.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your island. Nintendo will simply remove it from the Dream Island feature. Other players won’t be able to visit your Animal Crossing island, This action has caused many creators that are using hacks, not yet reported, to take down their cheating items.

The Downside Of the Animal Crossing Reporting System

Sadly, this has created an uproar in the Animal Crossing creator community. With the island reporting feature built into the game, players are randomly reporting dream islands out of spite, even if there are no hacks. They have received emails from Nintendo that their islands will be deleted, which makes it seem like Nintendo did no investigation of the reports.

So, as the current status stands, you can report any dream island and, if there are enough reports, Nintendo will simply take the island off the network. Furthermore, there is no way for honest creators to appeal these actions. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo provides a future update for the game, considering the backlash it’s receiving on social media.

Creators lash back at Nintendo online

The Twitterverse has never been shy in sharing its opinions on social media. As soon as creators started receiving emails, they started tweeting about it, stating that there are no hacks or cheats in their Animal Crossing dream islands. Here are just a few examples of what went down.

The latest Animal Crossing summer update seems to be giving power to players to have any islands removed simply by reporting them. It reminds us of a time when games were review bombed on Metacritic and Amazon on release days (something that’s still happening.) While we understand why Nintendo allows players to report creators for hacking and cheating, what we don’t get is why Nintendo doesn’t investigate these claims or allow creators to appeal.

What Else You Should Know Before Uploading Your Island To The Dream Cloud

While we were investigating the claims about Nintendo deleting Animal Crossing dream islands due to hacking and cheating, we discovered a great site called Animal Crossing World that covers everything that has to do with the game. After the latest update and outcry, the site has posted ‘4 Things To Know Before Uploading Animal Crossing Dreams (Advertising, Cheating, Bulletin Board, Ladders)’. Not only does it advise how to avoid going against the code of conduct, but you’ll find some other handy tips for the game before you upload your dream island.


So that’s it from us here at AIR Entertainment. While we don’t condone hacking in games where it violates the gaming rules, we do hope that Nintendo takes further steps to first investigate reports before taking islands from the dream world. Also, here’s hoping we see an update that allows creators to appeal Nintendo’s deletions.

What are your thoughts? Has your account been reported, and do you feel you need to appeal the decision? Please, feel free to let us know and have a discussion with us on our Discord channel. Additionally, remember to sign up for our latest Google News feed so that you don’t miss any of our news. You can also express your anger in our Community Forums.

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