New Screenshots for Upcoming Tech Corp.

New Screenshots for Upcoming Tech Corp.

You don’t have to be a code-monkey to build your own online gaming platforms in Tech Corp., the upcoming startup simulation tycoon game from publisher 2tainment GmbH. You will, however, need to bring your best business sense when you play the game when it launches on June 20, 2019!

Today, developer Mardonpol released a set of new screenshots showcasing one of the defining features of Tech Corp. — the ability to develop and manage online gaming platforms similar to Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live. Not only will you build your own online gaming infrastructure, but you’ll also stock it with awesome games by securing deals with developers and launching your own titles to make the most of your digital storefront.

Tech Corp. mirrors what it’s like to launch and manage a tech biz in the real world, and creating gaming platforms is no different — you’ll step into the shoes of the next prominent digital distribution platform creator — making the executive decisions, managing negotiations, and deciding which games stay and which hit the curb, some of which might even be your own IPs. It all comes down to the success of your startup, though, which means making difficult business decisions, even if some of those decisions go against your moral compass.

In Tech Corp., the digital platforms you develop can be made available on the physical hardware products you create in-game — so the profitability is endless! Tech Corp.’s platform creation features include: 

  • Securing Exclusives: As the manager of your platform, you must score exclusives from publishers and developers by negotiating how much you’ll pay for the game and how long you’ll retain it before it launches on other storefronts.
  • Make That Sale: You’ll need to host frequent sales to keep your customers happy and bring in new users! Pick your target genre and let the games begin! Developers and publishers will flock in to be included in the sale, but beware — without any big-ticket titles, your users are likely to shy away from any future deals! 
  • Make Good with Your Customers: While keeping a watchful eye on your budget, you’ll decide if you want to operate a platform that charges a premium but promises the most popular games, or maintain a stable free-to-use storefront featuring affordable indie games. Keep your finger on the pulse of what users are saying about your storefront and change your business plan as necessary.
  • Look Out For Number One: Securing exclusives, hosting killer sales, and negotiating with Triple-A studios is paramount to guarantee the success of your online platform, but it’s also crucial that you host your own games as well! Design, market, and launch your unique titles and then get them in front of the masses. You could become bigger than Valve!

Tech Corp. invites you to disrupt the tech industry and turn the world on its head as you launch a modest tech startup, beginning in the early ‘90s and taking it through present day, ultimately becoming the next major technology, software, gaming, and online presence superpower. With the world begging for technological advancements, you’ll quickly find that powerful potential is right at your fingertips — but what will you do with it? 

Emulating real-world high-level company management, Tech Corp. plays on traditional simulation aspects and key strategy elements, while introducing deep branching customization options never before seen in the genre. From managing your factory to developing hardware, software, gaming, and media platforms and apps, to researching new technologies, Tech Corp. is the most complete high-tech business simulation game around! 

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