Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC Now Available For Bus Simulator!

Bus Simulator Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC

We have some exciting news to share! astragon Entertainment and stillalive studios have just informed us that there is a new DLC for the simulation game, Bus Simulator 18 on PC. The Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC is also available on the PS4 and XBO.

You can now expand your bus fleet with three new German vehicles in Bus Simulator. Introducing the Mercedes-Benz CapaCity, the CapaCity L and the Citaro O 530, which is now available on console stores as well as Steam. Fortunately, you can get the Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC at a low price of 5.99 EUR / 5.99 USD / 99 ZAR / 4.99 GBP.

Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC Screenshots

astragon Entertainment were kind enough to share these screenshots of the Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC, based on the German manufacturer’s vehicles. Thanks to the publisher’s relationship with Mercedes-Benz, they were able to provide the officially licensed fleet in Bus Simulator.

Here are some features for the new Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC vehicles:

  • CapaCity: 5 doors, 44 seats, 19.73 meters in length;
  • CapaCity L: 5 doors, 45 seats, 21 meters in length;
  • Citaro O 530: 3 doors, 33 seats, 12.1 meters in length.

Upcoming AIR Entertainment Review

Bus Simulator Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC

We’re a bit late to the party, but we’re happy to announce that we will have a full Bus Simulator review coming soon. The review will feature the base game, with the Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC as well as the Setra Bus Pack 1 DLC released on 22 July 2020.

As a short preview, we’re completely loving the game. We enjoyed other astragon Entertainment titles too, as you can read in our Construction Simulator 2 review and Construction Simulator 3 review. We even did a Construction Simulator 3: Top 10 Tips And Tricks Guide For Console. So colour us obsessed with their simulations games.

We were quite intrigued as to how the gameplay would work with picking up passengers, especially with how the ticket system works. While we don’t want to spoil things just yet, it works pretty well and we’re enjoying driving around and picking people up. We also want to throttle some passengers, but more about our disturbing desires in the full review.

We’ve only just received the Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC, so we can’t share too much about that right now. However, first impressions are that the vehicles look amazing and we’re eager to climb in and drive a few routes with them. Thankfully, we’ve built up quite a company budget in the short time that we’ve played the simulation game.

Where You Can Buy The Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC

You can click on the following links to buy any of the games or DLCS:


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