Meet The Team


NAME: Shadowolf… uhm, I mean Shaun M Jooste (Joint CEO of AIR Entertainment)

WHERE ARE YOU FROM: Celenic Earth, but here on this planet I reside in Cape Town, South Africa


WHAT’S YOUR GO TO SNACK WHEN GAMING? Mmm… Tolberone nougat choc or some winegums

MONSTER OR RED BULL? Neither. Our local energy drinking is Punch, which tastes better and is half the price.

FAVOURITE GAMING SYSTEM OF ALL TIME? Atari. Can’t beat the classics, and it was our first system ever

GIVE US A BACKGROUND INTO YOUR GAMING HISTORY: I started off with the Atari when I was 7 years old. When I was 10 we moved to the classic Nintendo TV games that you can still pick up at any China town store near us. Mario Bros and Adventure Island was my obsession until our local game arcade obtained Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and then Mortal Kombat. My mom bought me a PS1 in 1998 for doing so well in my final year in high school, and more sneakily to stop us from constantly asking her for money for the arcade. I would say that was a great return on her investment. The first game I bought for it was Soul Blade, but Silent Hill 1 became my first true love.

When I was 20 and had a steady job, it was the first time I had bought myself a gaming console. I got the PS2 a few months after it was released. I collected many games in that era, thanks to a local store who sold them second hand at a massive discount. The staple series’ that I stuck to were Silent Hill, Soul Calibur, Need for Speed, Prince of Persia, Mortal Kombat, and Resident Evil from 4 upwards. In 2006 I switched to the Xbox 360 for the next generation, as my girlfriend at the time fancied it and I had heard by many friends that it was the better console. My Xbox and I had some great times together, and I made sure to get Xbox versions of the staple series games I collected. Assassin’s Creed became a great love of mine during this time. Being a guitarist, I was also very pleased to obtain Rocksmith 2014. In 2015 my wife and I obtained the PS4, switching back to Sony, and have been gaming on it ever since then. This is complimented by our PSVitas, and my son has my old PSP which he still enjoys.

As a disclaimer, I do not do PC gaming, as I got tired of upgrading parts often for the sake of new games.

I am not one for multiplayer, but due to my love for Formula 1 racing, I am part of several PS4 F1 Racing leagues, namely the PlayStation Gaming League, The Ultimate Formula, Superior Racing League and Formula PlayStation.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW? Probably too much, but here it is…. I am an author of 3 epic fantasy novels, The Celenic Earth Chronicles and my debut Silent Hill novel, Silent Hill: Betrayal. I am also a screenwriter and have an unproduced sci-fi script called “The Space Drifter” which was recommended by the 2015 Cinequest Screenwriting Competition. I have also written for Majority Entertainment that produced films like District 6, and am currently adapting Australian author Lynette Greenfield‘s novel “The Day It Rained Forever” into film. Furthermore, I am a Game Writer, and am busy writing for an upcoming epic fantasy MMORPG called Antreya Chronicles.

After being messed around by traditional and self publishing companies, I started my own publishing company, Celenic Earth Publications. CEP has been publishing other authors’ works, but mainly focuses on publishing anthologies to help writers gain experience and exposure. In the last month, this company has branched out to several divisions to publish not only books, but also games, music, comics, magazines, and screenplays.

AIR Entertainment is the news broadcasting section of Celenic Games Studios, the gaming division of CEP. Celenic Game Studios will start producing and publishing games in the years to come.

Finally, CEP has embarked upon a Guinness World Record attempt at the Most Authors Contributing Towards an Anthology of Short Stories, which Guinness World Records has approved. The launch of the Anthology is 30 September 2017.

My gaming platforms are PS4 and PSvita. I still have my old PS1, PS2, and Xbox 360, which have all been passed down to my son.


NAME: Andi Hodgetts (Joint CEO of AIR Entertainment)

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? A little town near to Leeds in the UK known as Ossett

IF TOMATO IS A FRUIT THEN IS KETCHUP A SAUCE OR SMOOTHIE? I have no idea, it tastes the same either way smothered on hotdogs.

WHAT’S YOUR GO TO SNACK WHEN GAMING? Nachos smothered in cheese and Jalapenos and soured cream

MONSTER OR RED BULL? Green Monster all day every day

FAVOURITE GAMING SYSTEM OF ALL TIME? I would say the SNES, but that was only ever popular for Mario games. I’ll have to go with the Sega Megadrive

GIVE US A BACKGROUND INTO YOUR GAMING HISTORY: Ive been gaming for as long as I can remember.

Starting off with a Dragon 64, I progressed to a ZX Spectrum +2 (I missed out on the ZX 48k with rubber keys) and still to this day have it in the loft at my mums… boxed. The good old times where you would sit and listen to the screen scream at you as the game loaded from a tape and took the best part of 10 minutes.

I then moved on to the Amiga 500+ in the days of mass piracy and X-Copy, so everyone was swapping games with their friends and copying from each other. I will always remember Monkey Island being (I think) 11 discs, yet the original was a lot less.

Then came my first real console, the very first PSX. While my friends still had their Megadrive’s and Nintendo’s, I stayed away from them. It was only in later life when I could afford those original consoles that I bought them for myself. From the PSX, I was hooked on Sony and have stayed true to them ever since. I still have all 4 consoles, plus PSP & Vita.

My hardware collection still consists of my original ones that I have had since new (minus Megadrive and SNES) except the Dragon and Amiga, although I only sold my Amiga 2 or 3 years ago with 7 disc boxes full of games. I then purchased an Xbox 360 from those funds just so I could get hold of the Silent Hill games for it. I have recently added the Xbox One to the collection.

I also have a kick-ass Silent Hill nurse tattoo on my ribs

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW? My life doesn’t just revolve around gaming, although that is a large part of it. I am also an Actor and published Author. My writing takes inspiration from the thousands of games I have played in my lifetime as well as my love of horror.

I will be providing the voice for Keystone Games next big game, Homicide Detective, as the main bad guy The Hitman. Also for Pea Head Games as the narration for Neon Sword.

I’m also a part of a local band as a backing vocalist / roadie which takes up a few hours on a Friday and Saturday night playing at live venues


NAME: Brett Huhman

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Washington, DC by way of Missouri

IF TOMATO IS A FRUIT THEN IS KETCHUP A SAUCE OR SMOOTHIE? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a sauce is a “stewed fruit eaten with other food or as a dessert.” Therefore, by definition ketchup is a sauce

WHAT’S YOUR GO TO SNACK WHEN GAMING? My go-to snack is Diet Mountain Dew.

MONSTER OR RED BULL? Neither. Diet Mountain Dew.

FAVOURITE GAMING SYSTEM OF ALL TIME? My favorite system is probably the Xbox 360. It was the first system that truly was more than just a gaming platform. We have three in our house just to enable the centralized TV recording system. It was also the first system to have a Wife Appreciation Factor (WAF) near unity.

GIVE US A BACKGROUND INTO YOUR GAMING HISTORY: I first started gaming with the TI-99/4A in the early 1980s. This was my only platform until about 1993 when I purchased a Gameboy, which lasted until 1998 when I bought a modern PC and got Jedi Knight. I continued as an exclusive PC gamer throughout college, reviewing various games for first the MU Student News and then The Maneater at the University of Missouri. I got my first Xbox 360 in 2012, and and Xbox One in 2016.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW? For my day job, I work for the US Navy as an electrical engineer designing and testing things that have a tendency to blow up. I’m mostly interested in electromagnetic launchers, repetitive pulsed power, and compact radiography for nuclear weapons effects simulations.


NAME: I’m Ramon Hara

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I currently live in Manila, Philippines

IF TOMATO IS A FRUIT THEN IS KETCHUP A SAUCE OR SMOOTHIE? A SAUCE PERIOD. I don’t care if tomato is a fruit! I’m not drinking any tomato smoothie!

WHAT’S YOUR GO TO SNACK WHEN GAMING? PIZZA! Can’t go wrong with good old pizza.

MONSTER OR RED BULL? Not really into energy drinks but Monster got me through college


GIVE US A BACKGROUND INTO YOUR GAMING HISTORY I remember when I was little I used to watch my Dad’s employee play Resident Evil 3. Ever since then, I got hooked with the Resident Evil series, but most importantly, I fell in love with playing video games. Ever since then, video games became a staple in my life, its ability to transport you to different worlds and meet interesting characters is always a good distraction for me.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW? When I’m not working, writing, or playing games, I also dabble a little bit with photography and painting. Life is too short to be serious all the time!

I currently game on the PS4, 3DS, and PS Vita.


NAME: Affie Lockhart


IF TOMATO IS A FRUIT THEN IS KETCHUP A SAUCE OR SMOOTHIE: Sauce, Smoothies need more ingredients.



FAVOURITE GAMING SYSTEM OF ALL TIME: My 3DS, but the Switch is getting to taking over.

GIVE US A BACKGROUND INTO YOUR GAMING HISTORY: Started gaming at a very young age with the original Yellow Game Boy and a Sega Master System. Never stopped gaming since.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW? I run events, tournaments and competitions in Manchester for Nintendo Gamers!


NAME: Jonny “Steaksauce” Lupsha

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I was born and raised outside Chicago, Illinois, but now I live near Washington DC.

IF TOMATO IS A FRUIT THEN IS KETCHUP A SAUCE OR SMOOTHIE: It’s yucky. Use mayonnaise; you can actually feel your arteries clogging.

WHAT’S YOUR GO TO SNACK WHEN GAMING: Whiskey and Coke. If ketchup is a smoothie, whiskey is a snack.

MONSTER OR REB BULL? If bubble gum had an anus, it would taste like Monster. I’ll take Red Bull in a pinch but I’m a big fan of Full Throttle. Seriously, if any developers send me a review code and want to guarantee it a high score, mail me a couple cans of Full Throttle and it’ll bump the score up by 2 full points.

FAVOURITE GAMING SYSTEM OF ALL TIME: Either the Super Nintendo or the PS1, but I can honestly say the Vita is the handiest.

GIVE US A BACKGROUND INTO YOUR GAMING HISTORY: My parents used to play Atari when I was sitting in their laps when I was a baby. They got us a Nintendo when I was five or six, then over the years we got a Super Nintendo, Genesis and Turbo Grafx 16. By the time the PS1 and Nintendo 64 were out, I had a job and bought them (and every subsequent system) for myself. I mostly do PlayStation consoles now, but I’m not a hater – I just burned through three or four 360’s when they red-ringed and I gave up. We also got our daughter a Wii U but it was about a month before they announced the Switch so Nintendo’s on my shit list for a little while. Haha. Oh also I wrote a book about video games a couple years ago and I have a Legend of Zelda tattoo.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW? Yes. I’m an author of three Geek Nonfiction books called 100,000 Years in Detention, Penny Cavalier and The Broken Paragon. Plus I’m the author of a new sci-fi series called Fogworld, the first volume of which was released last October. The idea is that 13 unique colossi/kaiju come out of the ocean and roam the Earth, followed by a poisonous red-orange fog that covers the entire surface. To survive, we build cities atop the creatures (where there’s still fresh air); the series starts 99 years after we leave ground level. Please support my Patreon for like a dollar a month; we’re doing an online community where I assign you a colossus to live on and you can talk to your neighbors and write fan fic and stuff like that. Also my favorite bands are Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Tool and Wu-Tang Clan; I love horror and I’m married with two kids. Oh, also, it’s pronounced “luhp-shuh,” not “loop-shuh.”