‘MathLand’ educational adventure casts anchor on Nintendo Switch on February, 24

‘MathLand’ educational adventure casts anchor on Nintendo Switch on February, 24

Independent developer and publisher Artax Games announced today that MathLand, the educational adventure with maths challenges, exploration and platforms, of developer Didactoons, will be digitally available for Nintendo Switch next week.

Previously available for iOS and Android devices, now charismatic Ray and his boat will cast anchor on Nintendo Switch, in a game including all original islands and modes packed for a really unique price of only 5.99 €/$.

MathLand combines puzzles and maths challenges with the mechanics of a true adventure with exploration, platforming and collectibles. We will guide Ray to finish the evil pirate Max along 5 worlds full of challenges and dangers. With its different difficulty levels, MathLand adapts to any age and kinds of targets, from children in need of almost unnoticedly practice maths, to adults aiming to loosen up their brains and have fun with its puzzles, in the vein of brain training games.

About MathLand

Evil pirate Max has stolen the sacred gems and has cast a spell on the islands, fulfilling them all with obstacles and traps. Young pirate Ray will have to find the gems to restore the natural order of things in this educational adventure with more than 25 levels plagued with obstacles: Lava volcanos, cursed birds, magic doors… and a lot of surprises to discover with the help of the spyglass!


  • Sali the seven seas with your pirate ship.
  • Maths challenges with all operations: Addition, subtraction, product, division and comparison.
  • Different difficulty levels, suitable for all ages. 
  • 5  different worlds full of challenges to beat: Isle of the Pirate, Selvatic Island, Mistery Marsh, Furious Volcano and Remote Ruins.
  • Endless adventure: Lava volcanos, cursed birds, magical doors, carnivorous plants, quiicksands… and much more!
  • Improve your score finding collectible items.

About Artax Games and Didactoons

Artax Games is an independent videogames development studio with more than for years of experience, having published all kinds of games for PC, home consoles and mobile devices. Now they are starting a new stage, in which they will try to take adventage of their gathered experience to help other  small quality titles by friend studios to be released on PC and consoles, reaching all kinds of targets. As a result of this idea MathLand by Didactoons arrives to Nintendo Switch. 

Didactoons is a highly successful studio in the world of mobile devices, specialized in educational games for all member of the family, with some of their IP’s such as MathLand and Monster Numbers among the most recognized in the educational games sector. The agreement with Artax Games  means a new step ahead to bring their games to new horizons. For their landing on Nintendo Switch, Didactoons and Artax Games havve chosen MathLand, flagship of the company and one of their most highlighted games.

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