Interview 2: Antreya Chronicles MMORPG – Writing & Story Development

Interview 2: Antreya Chronicles MMORPG – Writing & Story Development

Previously I brought you the first interview for an upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Antreya Chronicles. The interview was with Raymond van Beek, founder of and lead developer for  Antreya Studios.

This time we meet with Dean Clark, who reviewed my Silent Hill: Betrayal  novel for GameTyrant. He is a seasoned writer in the Celenic Earth Anthologies , being featured in four of them so far and has also had his debut horror novelette Hegis’ Grasp  published by Celenic Earth Publications. Hegis’ Grasp is currently being developed into a game by Salty Goal Productions. You can see his full accomplishments and bio here.

With regards to Antreya, Dean is the Lead Creative Writer who works on the storyline, quests, lore, creatures, characters, and basically anything that needs a write-up and development in Antreya Chronicles.

As a reminder, Antreya Chronicles will be a role-playing game like Skyrim but set in a fantasy, steampunk, post-apocalyptic setting.



1. How did you become involved in Antreya Chronicles as the lead writer?

I had reached out to the Indie Game Developers group on Facebook mentioning my interest in joining a team as the writer and got a few hits. The main two that stuck was ‘Hegis’ Grasp‘ (which is a completed ebook and upcoming game) and Antreya Chronicles. Raymond van Beek  had reached out to me in response to the post, sent me the summary or some information they had for the story, and gave me a chance to create the story for Antreya, which he was very happy with and is featured on our website.


2. Tell us a bit about the world of Antreya, in the writer’s mind?

It is the days between the dark times of fear, death, and disaster and the flourishing society that Antreya had been before the spirit beasts. While the people are working together for the most part, everybody has a selfish agenda where they are mostly just doing their tasks that provides for them and their families.

Then there are those that focus on bringing back the chaos and are continuing to wreak havoc across the land. Because of these extremists the land is in need of a few brave, skilled warriors to help end the evil that corrupts the progress the Antreyan civilization needs to re-establish itself back to the flourishing society it was before the near extinction apocalypse began.


3. How long have you been developing the written world of Antreya?

Since December 2016.


4. What inspires your Antreya writing? Where do you come up with the ideas for the story and quest?

My inspiration is a mix of Greek and Roman Mythology. The quest and story style is a mix of my personal favorite two games, RuneScape and Diablo 2.


5. Can you give us a sneak peak into the start of the game?

No, sorry. Once we release the demo, you will get to experience the entire tutorial and the first few quests though.


6. What is it like writing for a game like Antreya, that has choices and consequences? Is it straight-forward or complex?

It is rather complex as we plan to have the NPC’s conversations to characters based on aspects ranging from which race you are, what faction you are in, and which god you chose to follow.


7. Antreya will be building over the years as players interact with the world. I assume the stories and quests will continue to grow with it, meaning a long-term commitment from the writing team?

Yes, that is the plan and we hope to keep it interesting. We also plan to have something set up, likely a forum, where interested players can write up fan fiction that will be checked occasionally and possibly implemented into the game as a side quest. It all depends on how well it sticks to the Antreya world and how well it is written.

8. Will there be any written spin-offs from the game?

We are considering having a novel series, but can’t give confirmation just yet.


9. What other writing projects are you involved in, and how many games are you busy writing for besides Antreya?

I have completed a survival horror called Hegis’ Grasp which has an ebook out with the story. The game has just been launched on Steam.

I’m also working on a mobile battle card game that will be free called Card Chronicles, but this game is still fairly early on in story development.

Then the rest is my projects have been short stories that are being featured in various Anthologies being hosted by Celenic Earth. A horror one called CEA Through the Dark which I wrote ‘Rivertone,’  a sci-fi one called CEA Into the Beyond which I wrote ‘Time Puncture,’ and a fantasy one called CEA Past your Reality which I wrote ‘A Battle for Home.’ My recent short story was included in an official attempt at a Guinness World Record, CEA Greatest Anthology Written.

We will be following up this interview when we talk with the 2d Graphic Design Lead, and the 3D Graphic Development Lead. For more information on the game, you can visit and subscribe to the website, Facebook,  Twitter , Steam , Youtube , and Twitch .



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