HyperDevbox HDX20 “TORPEDO LAUNCH” and “ETHERKNIGHT” awarded prizes in the TRON Accelerator competition

HyperDevbox HDX20 “TORPEDO LAUNCH” and “ETHERKNIGHT” awarded prizes in the TRON Accelerator competition

First off, let me explain what the TRON Accelerator Event is.

TRON Accelerator is a $1 million USD program aiming to empower developers and foster innovation within the blockchain industry.

Developer teams are invited to submit their decentralized application project, build on the TRON protocol, and compete for one of the most ambitious Blockchain hackathons ever hosted.

There have been 1,000,000.00 USD total awards over 56 winning projects so far.

Grand Prizes winner have the chance of free travel and accommodation during niTROn Summit in San Francisco, as well as future TRON investments. Here are the list of prizes that can be awarded:

Special Prize

Total $240,000

8 winners in 8 different categories will be selected based on:

  • — Excellent Blockchain Game
  • — Excellent Application Tool
  • — Excellent Decentralized Exchange
  • — Excellent UI Design
  • — Excellent Innovation
  • — Excellent User Experience
  • — Most Influential DApp
  • — Most Onchain Activity DApp


Finalist Prize

Total $210,000

42 Winners will be selected in the finalist prize

This is what the timeline of the competition looks like:


Based in Tokyo and founded in 2005, HyperDevBox was established by Carlo Perconti. HyperDevbox is a multi-platform developer and publisher, mainly focused on bringing fun, high-quality and technically advanced games.

Tokyo-based game studio HyperDevbox proudly announced to us this morning that both EtherKnight (Tron Edition) and Torpedo Launch (Tron Edition) got prizes rewarded by the folks at the Tron Foundation, Torpedo Launch as one of the winning projects in TRON Accelerator competition and EtherKnight as one of the projects that are able to run through TRON’s main net, or valuable to TRON’s ecosystem.

This is very exciting for an indie game developer, and the fact that the game is based on Blockchain is even more interesting. Game developers seem to be moving more towards blockchain development, and I hope to see more of this in time to come.

Here’s some information on these games:




Game features:
• 4 Knight Characters racing against each other to be the first to reach the goal and win the pot of gold.
• GAMING x THE BLOCKCHAIN: Here comes the GAMEBLING genre.
• Earn Ethereum dividends from any play and volume of any HDX20 POWERED GAMES.
• Referral and SuperReferral program




Introducing “TORPEDO LAUNCH” the first skill-based Submarine Arcade Game on the Ethereum blockchain powered by the HDX20 Token.

Come and play against other players, show the world that you deserve to be a winner and collect Ethereum Prizes.

You are in command on a WW2 Class Submarine, YOUR MISSION : Seek and Destroy enemy ships.

Game Features:

-The first skill-based Submarine Arcade Game on the Blockchain
-Running on the ethereum Blockchain powered by the HDX20 token
-Full Featured Game with classic style arcade gameplay packed with colorful graphics
-Awesome sound effects
-Day & night mode available
-Make your way to the leaderboard and win ethereum for every points scored.


For more information, you can check out these links:

HDX20 Exchange (TRON EDITION) : https://trx.hdx20.io

ETHERKNIGHT (TRON EDITION) Dapp game: https://trx.etherknightgame.io

TORPEDO LAUNCH (TRON EDITION) Dapp game: https://trx.torpedolaunch.io

DISCORD channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/22nQNza

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