Here are 7 huge games we’re hoping for in 2019, but with release dates pending

Here are 7 huge games we’re hoping for in 2019, but with release dates pending

We know from various gaming conventions and press releases this year that there are some huge titles coming in 2019. Well, at least we hope they still are. For some of these games, we have been waiting one hell of a long time for them to see the light of day (Here’s looking at you, cancelled Silent Hill P.T., uhm, I mean, Death Stranding).

With 2018 coming to an end, let’s take a look at some of the most anticipated releases of 2019 which have yet to have a release dates stamped to their heads.


While a release window has been indicated by Bethesda, we know these windows are more often extended to ensure proper quality. And with Elder Scrolls Online being a huge success, while Fallout 76 seems to have failed to meet the mark for many (see our good review here), we only pray that ESO 6 is better than any of us expect it to be.



Even though very little has been released about this title since this year’s E3 event, I am still hoping to see a release date in 2019. The first game in the series really pulled a player in, and the anticipation is really building up for what should be a really exciting title. We will be watching Sony press releases very closely.


After Hideo Kojima dropped out of Konami and Silent Hills, as sudden as a straight man discovering that his stripper has a penis, his upcoming title Death Stranding had many of us drooling. It’s been a few years in the making, and Hideo has been teasing us on twitter stating that he’s been playing the game and making some tweaks here and there. Will we finally see a release in 2019?


The developer has been extremely busy this year. Their main focus seems to have been World of Demons, Babylon’s Fall and Granblue Fantasy: Rilink. However, Bayonetta 3 was announced at the 2017 Game Awards, so we’re hoping to see some more news of this next year.


It’s been three years since this remake was announced, and still we see no sign of it actually emerging. FF7 was the first Final Fantasy I ever played on my PlayStation 1, and also the only one I really enjoyed in the series to be honest. If anything is going to bring me back to the franchise, it will be this remake.


This upcoming Halo game will feature their new engine, Splitspace. With the new ultra-enhanced graphics, I actually wonder if we will be seeing this on the Xbox One or the next Xbox Scarlett. If the latter, then we might only see a release as soon as 2020, but hey… here’s hoping.


With the above video, we now know that this game is definitely set for release in 2019. When, well that has not been made clear yet, but we half expect it to coincide with the release of Star Wars Episode 9 movie.

And that’s it for the top 7 games I am anticipating for at least the next two years that have yet to receive a release date. Let me know in the comments which games you are looking forward to the most and why.

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