“Gray Zone” – Second teaser trailer released, a glimpse at gameplay

“Gray Zone” – Second teaser trailer released, a glimpse at gameplay

Eastworks Studio has released a second teaser trailer for their upcoming game Gray Zone which is set to launch on Steam via Early Access March 2020. This second teaser trailer is the first glimpse at Gray Zone’s gameplay.

GRAYZONE is a tactical strategy game with elements of RPG made by EastWorks studio.

In Gray Zone you command your heroes and other friendly units to avoid or defeat the enemy, to complete story objectives, mandatory or optional. You build fire teams, use machines, vehicles and weapons, collect and distribute items.

Your goal is to choose the right combat strategy to minimize your losses whilst achieving a result. The game allows you to freeze time in “tactic mode”, which gives you unlimited time to re-think your strategy and issue different orders to multiple units at one moment.

Gray Zone combines the best elements from classic strategy games of the past, whilst adding in extra elements such as tactical mode, new physics, hero customization and many more.

You start out as a rebel escaping from the punishment of his oppressive slave masters. The only chance to survive is to cooperate with local people. This is the one and only way to survive. There is no way back. Will you be strong enough to face enemies on new planets and try to reunite your nation

· Narrative driven tactical RTS shoot ‘em up with RPG elements
· Engaging story driven narrative
· Drive vehicles and use a variety of weaponry
· Multiple methods of completion, stealth/Rambo etc.
· Explore future worlds
· Choose your battles
· Build your fireteam
· Challenge whole armies
· Mixture of classic and new strategic gameplay elements

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