ESO Elsweyr Early Access and Update 22

ESO Elsweyr Early Access and Update 22

For the last two months, AIR Entertainment has been actively involved with the public testing server of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online for the upcoming Chapter 3: Elsweyr. This included having our first taste of the new Wrathstone DLC pack with new dungeons, trying out the new Necromancer class, and wading into the prologue for the new Elsweyr storyline.

Elsweyr is now moving into Early Access, while we are playing away furiously with the new class and story for our upcoming review on 4 June 2019, when the Chapter launches officially. If you have logged into Elder Scrolls Online on Steam recently, you will see that the Summerset version of the client has been updated to the new Elsweyr version, dragon emblem and all.

While I cannot share too much at this point as to what you can expect, let me just tease that the Necromancer class is one badass class that I am rather enjoying. I’ve been playing mostly as an Argonian Warden Healer, and now having to switch to one that deals in death.

You can read all about the Elsweyr Early Access on Bethesda’s latest update. In summary, this is what you can expect from the new Chapter:

This new Chapter includes:

  • A zone to explore: Elsweyr
  • A story detailing the efforts to protect the Khajiiti homeland from the Dragons
  •  A class to master: the Necromancer
  • A 12-player Trial: Sunspire
  • A massive collection of side quests and stunning locations to explore
  • Item sets, collectibles, and more


Along with the new Chapter, there is also the new Update 22, a new base-game patch that brings a host of new features, changes, and improvements for all ESO players. Please note that you do not have to purchase Elsweyr for this update to be applied.

There is a new Guild Finder System which allows you to effectively find new guilds, as one as new members for your guild. You can filter by activities (such as PvP, Trials, Trading, or Roleplaying, and much more) and by play style (casual, balanced, or hard-core).

Weapon artefacts are coming to the Cyrodiil Alliance War campaign. At random points during an ongoing Alliance War campaign (about four to five times a day), a powerful weapon will spawn in the PvP zone.  If you are the first to reach the powerful artefact, you will unlock a new skill line for it.

Finally, The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Digital Upgrade and The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Digital Collector’s Edition will no longer be available in The Elder Scrolls Online Store and on Steam Store. It will be moving to the Crown Store in the game itself, under DLC items.

We hope you are all enjoying Elder Scrolls Online, and are excited for the new Elsweyr Chapter. Be sure to watch our page on 4 June 2019 when we release our full review.

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