Elder Scrolls Online Publishes Community Guides for ESO Newbs and Veterans

Elder Scrolls Online Publishes Community Guides for ESO Newbs and Veterans

Fans of Elders Scrolls Online, such as myself at AIR Entertainment, know that Bethesda love to keep the community happy and well-informed. This is specifically true when it comes to their online games.

A few days ago, a Community update was placed on the announcements section of the game. There are a host of videos available from community members that explain how to play Elder Scrolls Online. Not only do these videos mostly cater for new players of the game, but even veterans can find some insightful information.

For those who are completely oblivious to what ESO is, let me give you a quick rundown. Elder Scrolls Online stems from The Elder Scrolls franchise of games, the latest being Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After decades of fans running about in this epic fantasy world with weapons and magic, each game taking place in a certain province of Tamriel, Elder Scrolls Online finally allowed players to play in the entire Tamriel, online and with other major ESO fans.

The base game started in Auridon, an island off the south west coast of the Tamriel continent. As time passed by, DLCs were introduced where you could access other parts of Tamriel for special missions. One could either buy Crowns (the official currency for ESO players) with real cash and then buy these DLCs permanently, or they could subscribe monthly to ESO membership and access them at any time as long as the ESO membership remained valid.

The ESO world has grown since then. One can now have special mounts like unicorns and flame-breathing panthers, with new suits and weapons uploaded regularly. There are now homes that one can acquire through certain achievements or through Crowns.

Living in Tamriel can be an expensive pastime, but one can just as easily enjoy ESO without paid membership or buying anything. What makes it great is that it is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4, however there is no crossplay as yet.

ESO Morrowind and Summerset are the latest chapters to be added as completely new games to the ESO world, with the base game included. They are completely separate islands with brand new quests, mounts, armour and weapons.

AIR Entertainment still has two 6-month ESO Memberships with 9000 crowns for the PC to hand out to 2 lucky followers. Just comment below that you would like a Membership, and we will randomly choose 2 lucky winners. Please note that you need to actually have ESO on the PC, and all this does is unlock the ESP membership and all DLCs for 6 months.

Back to the Community Guide, these videos can be found on ESO’s Community Guides page. For your ease of reference, here are the list of guides with links to their videos:


Do you have a guide for ESO that you would like to share with us? Let us know here in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook in the comments of the posts. Also, if you want your guides posts officially on the ESO community page, share it on Twitter @TESOnline and Facebook.



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