Elder Scrolls Online: A Renewed Southern Elsweyr coming in Dragonhold DLC on 21 October

Elder Scrolls Online: A Renewed Southern Elsweyr coming in Dragonhold DLC on 21 October

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Season of the Dragon is sadly coming to an end with the final DLC, Dragonhold. If you’ve played the Elsweyr Chapter, you will know that we’ve mostly been running around in Northern Elsweyr. Well, with the latest news from Bethesda, it seems like we will be treated to the Southern Elsweyr in the upcoming Dragonhold DLC.

Based on my experience with Skyrim and the ESO story so far, I suspect this may be where we lock away the dragons or defeat them for the events that occurred in Skyrim. In any event, Bethesda has provided us with more information about what can be expected.

“The people of the region are still trying to recover from the devastation of the Knahaten Flu along with wildfires from twenty years ago,” explains Jason Barnes, Dragonhold’s Zone Lead. “They can’t seem to catch a break either, as an abundance of pirates and slavers rule almost everything outside of the city walls of Senchal.”

“Within the city proper an Imperial legion known as the Shields of Senchal follow their last orders given before the fall of the Empire: to provide aid and protection for the people of Southern Elsweyr,” explains Barnes further. “Outside of the city walls, everyone must fend for themselves to survive.”

And with the news, we’ve been provided with a beautiful new map of Southern Elsweyr:

“The fun part was leaning into the tragic results of the Knahaten flu and the scorch that followed,” explains ESO’s Art Director, CJ Grebb. “We got to take all of that beautiful Khajiiti architecture and get it dirty, break it down, and play with the idea of a people still recovering from the traumatic events of the past. We wanted players to feel the sense of a place that had been through a period of decline and yet was clawing its way back (pun 100% intended).”

“We had tremendous amounts of fun exploring the idea of the joint governance between the long-forgotten Imperial troops and the native Khajiiti citizens in Senchal,” said Grebb further. “The idea that an occupation had slowly found its way to becoming a partnership was unique, and finding ways to visually mix the two cultures was really cool. And if you ever get the chance to have any part in the creation of cat-pirates, I highly recommend it!”

And of course, there be dragons. While most of the dragons terrorised the north, some have moved over to Southern Elsweyr. There will be new dragons with different abilities, as well as some of the events carrying over from before. There are also new types of dragons featuring storm and frost.

The Dragonhold DLC game pack is coming October 21 for PC/Mac and November 5 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4. The Season of the Dragon ends here! Watch our site for a review of the new DLC.

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