Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw Leaves Bioware

Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw Leaves Bioware

After 14 years of hard work and dedication, Mike Laidlaw, the guy who brought us to the land of Thedas, announced today that he is leaving Bioware.
Known for his works on Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and most notably Dragon Age, the veteran writer has been loved by fans of the series of games that he helped create. Check out Laidlaw’s tweet down below announcing his departure from Bioware:

Laidlaw did not give any reason as to why he is leaving the company but he gave his thanks to his colleagues at Bioware and said that “it has been an honor to be part of the Dragon Age team.”
Laidlaw’s exit from Bioware comes a year after his colleague and former lead writer for Dragon Age, David Gaider left the company after being with them for 17 years.
As a huge fan of Dragon Age, i’m deeply saddened by the departure of those who have held its helm since the beginning and helped it become the success that it is today. As of the writing of this article, Electronic Arts has not yet announced any plans for the fourth game in the Dragon Age series.
It has been three years since Inquisition was released and we can only hope that Laidlaw’s exit won’t affect anything. Besides, Mike himself said in his statement that:

I have every confidence that the world we’ve created together is in good hands and I’m excited for the road ahead”

so for now, that’s good enough for me.
Thank you and we wish you all the best Mike! Your Dragon Age fans will surely miss you.

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