Construction Simulator 3: Top 10 Tips and Tricks Guide for Console

Construction Sim 3 | AIR Entertainment

Construction Simulator 3 launched on 7 April 2020. It’s generally been well-received for those that enjoyed Construction Simulator 2. It’s a simulation game developed by Astragon Entertainment that focuses heavily on residential construction, such as roads, homes, and landscapes. The also game contains elements of economy, strategy and asset management.

While the strategy building game was initially released for mobile, this game guide mainly focuses on the Construction Simulator 3 console editions. However, the same principles can be applied to any platform. Feel free to also read our reviews for Construction Simulator 2 (Switch) and Construction Simulator 3 (PS4).

The Purpose of our Construction Sim 3 Guide

We’ve generally been reading a lot of chatter on forums and our social media regarding Construction Simulator 3. Some gamers have specifically mentioned struggling with the economy of the game. Others indicated that the game mechanics were also hard to manage.

Our guide to Construction Simulator 3 tips and tricks for the finance and construction management game seeks to provide guidance. In this article, we’ll chiefly look at how you can quickly move up the ranks. It will also help you avoid some common game mistakes.

Construction Sim 3 | AIR Entertainment

Top 10 Tips and Tricks Guide for Construction Simulator 3

1. Focus on main mission contracts first

It may seem obvious to state that you should focus on the main missions. However, as you level up you’ll unlock small jobs to do around the town. These generally pay less than the main missions.

While these small jobs can help fund your income, in the beginning, they only serve to waste your time. You’ll unlock bigger jobs after completing several main missions. Make the main story your first priority before accepting smaller random jobs.

2. Complete new vehicle tutorials

Many strategy gamers generally skipped doing the vehicle tutorials. We don’t blame them. We basically did the same thing at the start. Like them, we also believed we could learn the game mechanics by simply doing the missions.

However, there’s a small problem with this. When you come across a situation where you need to learn a certain vehicle mechanic, you cannot access the tutorial during a mission. The game will tell you you’re busy with a contract.

It takes cancelling the entire contract to specifically complete the vehicle tutorial. When you’ve spent hours on a contract, that’s the last thing you want to do. When a tutorial unlocks, rather just go through with it.

3. To lease or not to lease? Now that’s the question

Asset management is instrumental to your success. While it goes hand in hand with finance management, at some point you’ll need to decide whether to lease or buy vehicles. As you progress through main missions, new vehicles will generally become available for you to use.

However, they’ll be expensive at times. This is where doing small jobs in the meantime can chiefly come in handy. Yet, the other option is to lease. You’ll specifically pay a nominal fee per in-game hour.

Deciding whether to lease or buy comes down to strategy and economy. We highly recommend leasing only if you don’t have the funds to buy. Purchasing vehicles saves you finance in the long run. You’ll also see a quick return on your investment after a few main missions.

4. Be wise in allocating skill points

While you level up, you’ll have the opportunity to allocate skill points to your character. Obviously, you’ll want all of these skills in the end. All skills are unlocked at level 20.

When you start allocating points, pay attention to which aspect it improves. You’ll notice that most of them generally improve your finances. From lower maintenance costs to higher payments for contracts, they’re all basically geared to improving your economy.

Allocate points that will specifically aid you the most at the stage that you’re at in your missions. If you feel your vehicle maintenance is biting into your economy, then reduce the wear costs. To receive more payment for jobs, increase your Money skill.

5. Financial Management in Construction Simulation 3

Construction Simulator 3 | AIR Entertainment

Most of the tips and tricks in this game guide basically revolve around finance management. However, the aspect of economy management requires a game tip on its own. In your menu, you’ll specifically see a tab dedicated to finance management.

The reason why this is so important is because of monthly expenditures. As your fleet grows in size, so do your maintenance and rental costs. You may think that the 100,000 credits you have in your account is enough. Come the end of the month during a mission, you may find yourself in the minus.

Pay specific attention to what your monthly expenditures generally are. Make sure you have at least double this amount in your account before the end of the month. This aspect is key to financial success. The last thing you want to do is take out a loan and make a loss on your contract.

6. Become Goal Orientated

When we speak about goals in this section, we aren’t referring to contracts. Rather, we’re talking about the achievements within the game. No, not the PS4 trophies or Xbox achievements, although they are basically the same.

The game has it’s own in-game achievements. You can view the list in your profile. By completing certain milestones per achievement, you receive experience and financial rewards. You can level up quicker as well as make money faster by completing these.

7. Don’t cut corners…. yet

Which brings us to our next point. The strategy game has some shortcuts. You can fast travel to stores as well as job sites. Once unlocked, you can also have the store pack your vehicle for you. Helpers can be hired to ride a secondary vehicle around or collect materials from the builder shop.

While this will save you an immense amount of time, do it as little as possible at first. There are chiefly two reasons. Firstly, these actions cost you valuable money. Skipping a drive specifically costs a nominal fee. Secondly, you’ll miss out on the achievements mentioned before, such as driving around for a certain distance.

Another key shortcut to mention is skipping certain parts of a mission. We know, flattening a large piece of land can be highly frustrating. There have been times we’ve also skipped these sections of a mission.

However, you’ll lose payment on that portion of the mission. Also, there are some achievements that deal with how many flattening or road construction jobs you complete. Only skip these if you’ve done at least 95% of that section. Also, feel free to skip if you have enough funds or have obtained that achievement.

8. Waste not, want not

Resource management is another strategy you need to learn. There will be mission segments that will ask you to gravel or add soil to the land. You pay for all the resources you collect in your truck.

However, you’ll get paid once that section of the mission is complete. Pay attention to how much you’ll be paid. If you mess up or waste your sand or asphalt, you may need to get more. Make sure you don’t pay more for your resources than the mission pays. This will incur a loss.

9. Keep unused vehicles in storage

Construction Simulator 3 | AIR Entertainment

You may think that this tip goes against all the finance tricks we spoke about before. At some point, you’ll end up basically building a workshop at your company’s site. Once the ability is unlocked, your vehicles are repaired as long as they are in storage.

Now, this maintenance cost goes towards your monthly expenditure. The long-term problem is, if you don’t maintain your vehicles, the overall cost to repair will be massive. They will be unusable until you do.

It’s best to store any vehicles you don’t immediately need so that your workshop can repair it in the background. Once you’ve allocated the correct skill points, this workshop maintenance method is also cheaper.

10. The reset function is your friend

One of the best time saving methods is the reset function. Learn to use it as much as possible. Don’t waste any time trying to get out of a ditch. Time is money, after all.

You can also reset your vehicle to save you time during a mission. Many times when you are done with a mission segment, it will ask you to please remove your vehicle from the area. You’ll vehicle may be in function mode. It means wasting time pulling the crane back in, or moving your vehicle parts back into place first.

No. Simply reset your vehicle’s parts, shift to driving mode, and reset vehicle again. Done within second and no stress.

Final Words on Construction Simulator 3

Construction Simulator 3 is all about managing your chief resources, such as finance, resources, time and staff. The ultimate goal is reaching level 20 and that final financial milestone of 2 million credits. The quicker you can complete main missions and level up, the sooner you can become a multi-millionaire.

We really hope this guide has helped you improve your strategy for this simulation game.


  1. My girlfriend had just bought me the game tonight. I have been on level 1 for a while now. About an hour ago I had to pick up dirt. Now my question is, where do I go to unload the truck of dirt off?

    • Hi Travis. Ok, so if you’re Level 1, that means that you haven’t unlocked the ability to sell directly from your vehicle (which comes later when you level up). For now, you’ll have to drive to the quarry to the right of the first builder’s shop, just above the Vehicle shop. Reverse into the section that says Sand, and unload. You’ll receive little for it, but it’s something.


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