Construction Simulator 3 Review PS4

Construction Simulator 3 Review PS4

Construction Simulator 3 launched today, 7 April 2020, on the PS4 and Xbox One, while the Nintendo Switch will be enjoying a launch later this year. It was developed by weltenbauer. Software Entwicklung GmbH and published by Astragon Entertainment. We were really excited to get our hands on this game for our Construction Simulator 3 review.

Two months ago, I wrote a game review for Construction Simulator 2 on the Nintendo Switch. While I gave the game some praise, there were some definite flaws in the game. Feel free to read my Construction Simulator 2 review, as I will be making some comparisons in this review.

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Pros and Cons


  • Improved graphics
  • Detailed campaign mode
  • Great user interface and menus
  • Reset vehicle function
  • Fast Travel System
  • Decent level of progression
  • The game stops you from making costly mistakes
  • Longevity in terms of game time and replayability
  • Really enjoyable for simulator fanatics


  • Minor bugs at time of review
  • Vehicle variety could be better
  • Tutorials and Jobs should be separated for improved gameplay

Construction Simulator 3 Review | AIR Entertainment

First impressions

After starting the strategy game up for our Construction Simulator 3 review and playing the game for a few minutes, I was amazed at how similar it is to Construction Simulator 2. If you have played CS2 before, you will feel at ease. Much of the gameplay mechanics have been brought over. This is fantastic, as veteran gamers can get right into the action.

The graphics have been improved. I was a little disappointed in CS2 graphics as stated in my Construction Simulator 2 review, but Construction Simulator 3 appears to have better graphics this time around. Vehicles and buildings are well designed and we have more landmarks than before.

Playing the Game

In Construction Simulator 3, you start with a construction company in Germany. You begin at Peckling am See and one of the first jobs you complete is to work on your company’s site. This is where your initial tutorials take place.

As soon as your tutorials are done, you can begin the first missions. You can elect to do small construction jobs to make some easy money or focus on the main campaign which will progress you through the levels. Once you have reached level 5, the second small town is unlocked.

Don’t think it is that easy though. For both the second and third town, you need to complete massive missions just to gain entry. I spent a solid two hours just clearing the debris from a mountain slide in order to gain access to the second town.

When it comes to the vehicles, there are two different modes that you can play in. Driving mode is as it says: you can drive and move around. Function mode allows you to stabilise the vehicle so that you can access its various functions. These include either operating a crane or excavating a hole.

I also need to mention that the game stops you from making costly mistakes. During contracts, it will tell you just how much you need to fill your dump truck or trailer with resources. Also, if you accidentally want to pour the wrong mix onto the indicated area, or if you are pouring it in the wrong place, it will give you a message telling you about it. Or it just won’t allow you to do it. The game is very specific about what vehicles you use and where you need to use them.

I was rather impressed with the level of progression for this Construction Simulator 3 review. I am not only referring to how quickly you level up. Some jobs are so huge that they need to be carried out in three different contracts. Each contract comes in a specific number of steps, but as soon as one contract is complete, you are paid and ready to select your next contract.

I’ve included some screenshots below for our Construction Simulator 3 review so you can see one of the jobs I completed and how the visuals change during the contract.

I’ve been playing the game for about 3 days for this Construction Simulator 3 review. Some of the contracts take rather long to complete and may leave you wanting to come back another time before selecting another job. The first night I played the game, I was playing until about 3am. That’s how much I enjoyed it.

Level 20 is the final level you can reach for your character. You are rewarded with a luxury SUV that you can ride around in. Once all campaign jobs are done, you can still do small recurring jobs around the town. You can keep playing for as long as you like, but once Campaign mode is completed there is little else to keep you in the game.

What Could Have Been Better

Minor Bugs

As is the trend with so many games these days, there are some minor bugs we found for our Construction Simulator 3 review. These include weird graphic glitches and the contract markers appearing out of place. Sometimes vehicles will get stuck in the strangest of places. Thank you vehicle reset button!! Also, none of the glitches affect game progression.

Luckily, we reviewers have already been provided with a list of bugs that will be fixed post-launch. So if you see some glitches today when you play the game, rest assured that the developers are busy working on it.

Tutorials and jobs clashing

One of the more frustrating parts is not being able to do vehicle tutorials during a contract. Once you accept a contract, that becomes your main job. If you need to quickly do a vehicle tutorial for whatever reason during a mission, you can’t. Tutorials are seen as ‘jobs’ and you can only have one job active.

It would have been preferred if vehicle tutorials could have been made available during contracts. At the moment, it means aborting the contract, doing your vehicle tutorial, and then starting the contract all over again. Anything but ideal.

Greater vehicle variety

I would have liked a greater vehicle variety for our Construction Simulator 3 review. For each type of vehicle at each rank, there are only about 1 – 2 vehicles available. Sometimes three if you are lucky. I know this is a game that focuses more on the construction than the number of vehicles, but a larger numbers of vehicles would have been a bonus. I expect some DLCs to drop during the year with more brands becoming available.

They better just bring in some more campaign jobs though. Just playing the small recurring missions with the new vehicles will be rather dull.

Homestead mode

I watch all these homes being built and think… hey, I would like a home too. Yes, you have company sites and warehouses. But they should have done a Skyrim and put some Homestead in the game.

It would have been great to see you progressively build your own home as some personal missions. Start off with choosing a house style, then buying a plot and building a small house. As you level up and progress, add in a second level, a pool and a garage. And then at the end, you end up with a mansion of a house!!

Yes I know this is not ‘The Sims 4’. However, it is a construction game where you do actually build houses for others. They should have at least allowed the option to buy and expand a personal plot and choose what you want to build on it. Dammit.

Final Verdict

After playing the game for a few days, it is easy for me to say that I absolutely love Construction Simulator 3. It is an improvement from Construction Simulator 2 and the level of progression is fantastic. Even though I have a personal wishlist of things I would love to see in the game (bring on the DLCS!), it doesn’t take away from the fact that all simulator fanatics will truly enjoy this game. It is definitely well worth the purchase.

Construction Simulator 3 review gives the game a well deserved 8/10 from me.

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