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[Solved] Purchasing a Steam account with ARK: Survival Evolved

Jacob Smith
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I want to purchase this game to play with friends, but it has a hefty price tag for an indie game. So i've been investigating on how to get it cheaper and one thing that has caught my attention is that i've discovered online stores selling user accounts with games purchased in countries where prices are considerably cheaper. My question is: Does Steam allow third-party vendors to sell steam accounts? Is it likely that i will get penalized? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Luke Pillar
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Hey Jacob. buying steam accounts is against the Steam terms of service so if found they will most likely take some sort of action on your account. Obviously, they would have to prove that this has happened so it can be quite difficult to prove one way or the other.

The main reason I'd urge you NOT to buy accounts preloaded with games is that it is so easy for the seller to later get in touch with steam and have the account retrieved for them on the basis that it was 'stolen'. You are then out of pocket and without a game.

Have you considered signing up for the Game Pass on PC. as long as your subscription is active you get access to Ark and a crazy amount of other titles bundled into one monthly charge, which comes to less than the average price for a game! They also have a welcome offer for something like £1 for 3 months.

All the best, I hope you find a way to get it!


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