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Minecraft multiplayer servers and why you still love it.

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So Minecraft seems to still be a huge game what servers do you recommend?

We could maybe sometime in the future do a top 5 recommended minecraft servers, and with minecrafts newest updates coming including RTX why do you still love playing minecraft?

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I used Minecraft as a platform to learn a new language. Playing exclusively on a Spanish server, I began using an online build server, to begin with. Where it would give you a word, and within a plot of land you have to build the word. for example, the word would be 'Castille'(Castle) and I would have to build a castle. Then other players would come in and judge my work. The catch was if I didn't know what a word was I wouldn't be able to google it, I'd have to just try and remember it for the next time the word came up. This lead to some hilarious errors.

for example - One word that came up was Cajones, Which means 'drawers'. But I wasn't initially familiar with that word. But there is a similar Spanish word - Cojones. Which means 'Balls' which I knew (because memes). safe to say I got the 2 mixed up.

Was awkward going through 9 other players interpretations of this word before it came to mine, some incredible bedroom furniture on display, using different grades of wood. Then came my turn, I watched from afar as people judged the most realistic penis I have ever created on Minecraft.

From that point, I then went on to survival and prison servers. Game modes which lead to more social experiences, having to talk to people and deal with discussions. The Spanish people were great and loved the fact an English person was learning the language, even if it was broken. It only took about a week in order to learn the commonly used words within the game. And anything I didn't know after this just became a case of 'fill in the gaps'

Note - I didn't just learn through Minecraft. It was just a really helpful way to compliment the process. I did this on various other games, including playing a Spanish World of Warcraft servers.

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