Cat Quest was developed by The Gentlebros Pte. Ltd and published by pQube. It was first released on 8 August 2017 and has become available for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is a fantasy RPG featuring cats as the main characters, with an assortment of enemies to work your way through. We were lucky enough to receive a PS4 review key, and worked our way through this wonderful game for days on end to bring you our review.
First off, here is our Gameplay video for you to enjoy:




Cat Quest starts you off with a delightful kitty intro. In a bit of a Skyrim twist, you are in a world of cats where cats rule the world, and it looks like dragons have returned. You are the main hero who has the mark of the dragon slayer. Which means only one thing: you need to rid the world of the evil and mighty dragons.
This is also a bit of a personal mission, as your sister has been catnapped (yes, I said it!!). So your quest is not only to smite dragons for the pure thrill of it, but to find your sister And along the way, as you literally travel on the map and complete the main quests, you will find an assortment of minor quests to complete and help you level up. As a matter of fact, since each quest will tell you which level you need to be to complete it successfully, it is sometimes best to follow the route of side quests on your level to aid you in leveling up to the mission requirement.
The story telling in this game is epic, in the sense that they put so much detail into each quest. Whomever wrote all the missions and storylines had a passion for what they were writing and really enjoyed coming up with new quests. Even some fun ones. Who wouldn’t love searching for someone’s lost book while the world is in danger and your sister is missing? They can wait.
Cat Quest sweeps you into each part of the story and will leave you hungry for more, hunting down more quests for higher levels simply to progress further in the story. And… you can have fun doing it too.



Cat Quest_20170830134151-642x364
As mentioned before, your kitty hero literally walks over a map as you play. You have a sword and shield to swash your way through creatures waddling around innocently on the map, with a red circle around them indicating when they are going to attack you. You have the chance to dodge and jump out of the way before their attack, and then rush back in to hit or use your magic against them.
This game is very easy to play and learn. It has a lovely inventory for you to work through like any decent RPG game, with magic skills you can pick up along the way. Yes, the battles might become a bit repetitive, some button bashing required, but I still felt it enjoyable nonetheless. Move in, swipe or magic, dodge, and repeat. Some creatures required a different type of approach, and the game forces you to learn each monsters habits and combat them thereafter. Which is fantastic.
There are plenty of notice boards around for you to obtain new quests, so you will always be kept busy with one or other quest. The controller buttons were well assigned, making it easy to remember which to press for the required actions. Weapons and armour are in abundance and left me often eager for my next item.



The graphics are astounding great, crisp and very clear. There is no indication of sloppy or lazy work anywhere, and you can see there is enough depth of detail to know they put lots of work into this. Once again, just because it is worth mentioning, the map you run around on is huge. In my gameplay video I zoomed out to show you the extent of it.
Every creature, NPC and location has been graphically represented in wonderful beauty and you’re find yourself lost in the stunning images presented to you. There is a lovely accompaniment of music as you run peacefully through the land, with some changes as you attacked creatures. It weaves together that atmosphere of a fantasy world that you quickly become addicted to, playing hours on end as you level up, acquire items and face the dragons in your epic quest.


Score (4)
Cat Quest is a fun, addictive, beautiful game with a wide open world to explore for days and days on end. If you are looking for a humorous, kitty filled world with swords, magic and epic quests, then this is the game for you.

Disclaimer: AIR Entertainment obtained a review copy from the developer for reviewing purpose. This review is the author’s own opinion and not influenced by the developer in any way, as per our reviewing Code of Ethics.




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