Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Cape Town, Will Be Hosting the GAMING EXPO This Weekend

Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Cape Town, Will Be Hosting the GAMING EXPO This Weekend

Ok, so technically the Gaming Expo has been underway all week already. Like me, though, you may have been slaving away all week and am looking forward to some gaming R&R this weekend. I will be attending on behalf of AIR Entertainment, taking some pics and videos to share with you guys this weekend, and maybe even joining in on some games (who knows).
For those of you who live in Cape Town, South Africa, please make sure you don’t miss it, and don’t miss me. I might be doing some interviews and chats with you guys to be uploaded onto our Youtube channel.
If you’ve missed it, here is the schedule for this weekend:

10AM Cosplay Contest Registrations open
11AM Just Dance Competition 2
MIDDAY Cosplay Construction Pre-Judging
1PM Football Tournament Qualifiers day 2 – roll call
2PM Football Tournament Second round games kick-off
3PM Cosplay Masquerade on Stage
4PM Cosplay Parade
4:30PM Cosplay Prize Giving
5:00PM Forza 7 Saturday Qualifiers
11AM Just Dance Competition 3
11AM Football tournament finalists to report for pre-match briefing
MIDDAY Football tournament final matches begin
1PM Forza Motorsport 7 finals
3PM Just Dance Competition 4
4PM Football tournament Prize Ceremony

I look forward to seeing you there, with the sponsors B.T. Games and Goodhope FM.



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