BIOSHOCK 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Revealed

BIOSHOCK 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Revealed

The BioShock series turns 10 years old today, to commemorate this milestone, and as tribute to fans of the game, 2K Games revealed the new collector’s edition for fans to spend their money on.

The collectors edition, as unboxed by IGN, comes with a statue complete with lights, sounds, and a rotating Big Daddy drill arm. The set also includes BioShock: The Collection, which includes all existing BioShock games and single player DLCs. The games are all in 1080p and 60FPS, which includes a video series with the director’s commentary as unlockables.

BioShock Collector’s edition was announced earlier this year and will be available on November 14 for both PS4 and Xbox One for the price of $199.99. It will be available exclusively via Gamestop and the 2K Store.

Check out some of the images below by IGN showcasing the cool statue that comes with the collector’s set.


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