American McGee’s White Rabbit Plush Set from Alice: Asylum game is up for grabs

American McGee’s White Rabbit Plush Set from Alice: Asylum game is up for grabs

American McGee have just informed us that there is a new White Rabbit Plush Set up for grabs! This collection is based on his upcoming horror game, Alice: Asylum, the third installation in the Alice horror series.

Are you better off alone at night? When things go ‘bump’ and you feel a fright? Perhaps you need a White Rabbit Plush to hold you tight?

American McGee has been running a Patreon site in order to raise funds for the upcoming game, having decided to rather publish the new installation of the series himself. Through pledges on Patreon, he has already been able to hire some artists to work alongside him in the development of the game.

So how can you enter to win this plush collection?

Help him reach 3222 Patrons and you can get this White Rabbit Collector Set:

  • White Rabbit Plush
  • Rutledge Asylum Property Bag
  • Lulu Embroidered Patch
  • In-game Rabbit Dress

Here’s how…

1) Pledge via Patreon NOW at $1 a month.

2) Wait until it hits at least 3222 Patrons (he will send out a notice when he does).

3) Increase your pledge to $45 (or more) for that month.

Granted, it will require some funds from your side to stand a chance, but for some real Alice fans, you can’t put a price on it.

So head on over to the Pledge Site if you’re interested.

Let us know if you will be pledging.
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