American Mcgee Is Ready to Bring Us Alice: Asylum

American Mcgee Is Ready to Bring Us Alice: Asylum

Remember when fairy tales were cute? Well, alright even some of us have to admit that even the original Alice in Wonderland was a bit messed up. Many of us have grown up since then, and even fewer of these have become mature, and those of us with horrific minds welcomed American Mcgee’s interpretation of this classic tale.
And Mcgee is ready to bring us more. On his site yesterday, he announced that Alice : Asylum will be pitched to Electronic Arts as the third installment of the game. We’ve made contact with Mcgee and are ready to bring any further announcements on this game development as the pitch and negotiations begin. Electronic Arts will be hearing from us often, as we push for Asylum to be produced. Failing that, our own parent company Celenic Game Studios is more than happy to assist him in publishing the game on as many platforms as possible.
Of course, you can also show your support. Follow American Mcgee on YouTubeTwitter, and Facebook for updates on project development. Join the weekly live-streams on YouTube to give direct feedback and suggestions to Mcgee and the pre-production team! The website also have a form that you can complete.
So feel free to join us as we urge EA on for this game to be produced! Expect us to bring you a retrospective article on the previous two Alice games soon.


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