Amaze’D Family Trivia Puzzle Game Released on Steam

Amaze’D Family Trivia Puzzle Game Released on Steam


Odd Branch game publishers have successfully published and released their second game called Amaze’D, after the successful launch of their horror game, Hegis’ Grasp. Amaze’D was developed by Team Retrover and received its launch this past weekend. Here is the official trailer, which was shared with us by the publisher.


It has also been shared with us that Amaze’D will be coming to Android and iOS for Apple customers.

Amaze’d is a family friendly trivia/puzzle game where you are not only tasked with getting from start to finish of each trap-filled map but to do so in an exact step count. The hints provided will tell you how many steps are needed to be taken for each level.

We will be hitting them up for a Steam code in the meantime.

If you would like more information or updates on the game, feel free to visit the following:



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