A cheap, unremarkable game is one of Nintendo Switch’s Top Selling Games

A cheap, unremarkable game is one of Nintendo Switch’s Top Selling Games

Welcome to the new world, the new meaning of what it takes to be a bestseller. No, it no longer means that your product is so good that it sells millions. The bestselling status has taken a turn for the worst.

Meet Bouncy Bob. It is an unremarkable arcade game where you run around as a little blob and jump on zombies, much like Mario and Luigi did to small mushrooms. One wouldn’t expect to find it among other top selling games in the Nintendo Shop, such as Mario Kart Deluxe 8 and Stardew Valley.

And the reason is the price. You can pick up this item for $0.01. Not that I am recommending it of course, as I will leave that up to you. But if you venture into the Nintendo Store today, you might see it as a featured item, and only because of the low, low price. And the more people buy it for this low price, the longer it will remain in the featured listings.

This makes me wonder how Nintendo has set up their Top Seller listings. It is probably an automated bot, like most things of today, and as usual the bot doesn’t know the difference between good and bad gaming. I could be wrong of course, and the game could actually be enjoyed by millions around the world. But to place it in the same ranks as Mario Kart Deluxe? Yeah, that’s a bit odd to me. Makes me wonder if dropping one of my novels on Amazon to $0.01 will suddenly turn me into a bestselling author overnight.

Let me know if you picked up this game in the comments, and what you thought of it.


Story source: Kotaku

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