Kickstarter for Cyan’s Firmament is live!

From Cyan, the studio that brought you Myst and Obduction, comes a next-generation narrative adventure.

Firmament is the next step in the evolution of Cyan, deeply rooted in the spirit of MystRiven, and Obduction. Welcome to an all-new, enigmatic narrative adventure. 

Cyan has just shared with us that their Kickstarter campaign for Firmament has gone live. Firmament is a deeply immersive narrative adventure game for both VR and PC that stays true to the storytelling, artistic integrity, and inventive puzzles that Cyan holds dear.

This is an entirely new property – the beginning of an exciting new Cyan universe, delivered using Unreal 4,

Here is what we know about the STORY:

A gasp for air… a release of chilled breath… the crackling sounds of melting ice.

You wake in a glacial cavern — perfused by blue. It’s crowded with metal pipes and adorned with curious, clockwork gears.

Echoing machinery resonates in your ears as a massive metal door opens before you…

As you enter a dark chamber, warm lights flicker to life, revealing a frigid, yet intimate stone interior, supported by riveted iron beams. In the middle of this room is an ancient table – a tea cup on one end and a frozen body slumped over the other. The corpse’s hands hold an exquisite clockwork device — held out like an offering.

You reach for the device, and suddenly… a small whir… a blue glow is birthed from its core as it comes to life and lifts from the outstretched palms of the rigid stranger. It hovers above you, watching.

An apparition appears with a message from the woman that left this gift. She planned to mentor you…

…but something has gone terribly wrong.

An immense, unexpected adventure now lies ahead…

If you would like to know more about the game, design, graphics and campaign related content, feel free to visit the FIRMAMENT KICKSTARTER page.


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