You Can Now Exchange PlayStation Trophies For A Small Amount Of Cash


Good news for gamers who are fond of collecting digital trophies from playing their favorite games as these rewards are now worth more than just bragging rights.

Sony recently revealed the new system via a new section page of the Sony Rewards website that lists silver, gold, and platinum trophies as achievements you can fulfill to earn points. The number of points you get can be exchanged for PSN credits depending on how much you have.

Here is the breakdown of points you can earn

100 Silver Trophies will give you 100 points

25 Gold Trophies will give you 250 points

10 Platinum Trophies will give you 1,000 points

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This reward system can be exciting but it will take some time and dedication to earn enough credits as 1,000 points will only get you $10 worth of PSN credit. However for the trophies to be counted in the new reward system, your PSN account must be registered for the Sony Rewards Program and as of this article, the program is only available in the United States.



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