New Dualshock 4 Colour Takes Us Off Into the Sunset

Sony are releasing a new official Sunset Orange Dualshock 4

Just yesterday we informed you of a new  PS4 controller being released for small hands. Now, Sony have decided it is time to give the Dualshock 4 a new look. This time they have gone with Sunset Orange, which gives a lovely contrast to the dark buttons on the controller.

However, don’t get too overly excited. Apparently this is only being released in Europe and Australia on 14 November. There is no indication if it will be released in America, but Sony have made it clear that it won’t be released in UK, Ireland, France, Poland, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa.

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The special edition Sunset Orange model will be available at retail in select markets across the region from 14th November – just in time to bring a little gaming heat to the winter nights ahead.

A bit strange that they would limit where this controller is sold, but each to their own. I’m sure it is becoming winter in many parts of the world. Maybe they are planning for a later launch in those areas, or release other colours for various regions. We’ll keep a close eye on this and let you know.


Source: Gamespot; PlayStation Blog





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