Will Juventus Be on FIFA 21?

When will Juventus be returning to fifa?

Following Juventus’ Shock Exclusive licensing deal with Konami. FIFA fans have had to bear watching Cristiano Ronaldo sprinting off the last man rocking his ‘Piemonte Calcio‘ Black kit with a pink diagonal stripe. Instead of the globally known design of The Old Lady. But will Juventus be returning for FIFA 21?


Will Juventus Be on FIFA 21?

To get straight to the point, the answer is unfortunately no. FIFA 21 will not have Juventus. The Deal that was made between Juventus and Konami for exclusive image rights in July of 2019 was contracted for 3 years. beginning on Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 and lasting until the contract expires on 16.07.2022.

When will Juventus Next return to FIFA?

Assuming Konami don’t renew the contract at the end of the 2022 season. Juventus could possibly return to FIFA in time for the release of Fifa 23. So unfortunately for FIFA fans worldwide they are going to have to endure a lengthy wait.

What’s the story between Konami and Juventus?

Juventus - KONAMI Official Partnership | PES - eFootball PES 2020 ...

With FIFA owning the image rights to the majority of teams around the world, Konami is used to feeding off of EA‘s scraps, leading to them frequently dishing out big for individual teams image rights. Though on this occasion they evidently decided they were going to focus a whole lot of money into one league in particular, the Italian Serie A.

In July 2019 Konami Signed an exclusivity deal with Juventus. meaning FIFA could no longer use the club logo, the stadium or most damaging to their monopoly, the club kit. Only a month later they then signed a deal allowing for PES to acquire Serie A as a whole, not just Juventus. (although the other teams from Serie A were not contracted on an exclusivity deal). This allowed konami to obtain the rights to use the entirity of Italy’s top tier. From the kits to the stadiums. PES had it all.

The close proximity of these 2 deals makes it certain that this was long on the agenda by Konami. With Konami also securing the Exclusive image rights for Juventus, This was an obvious corporate middle finger. A deal made from one company to spite the other.

What Impact did this have on FIFA?

This deal though seemingly small, was a fantastic investment made. buy why? They paid an obvious Huge amount of money just for virtual players to run around in a players kit, right?

Well yes, kind of. But PES have always paid for the image rights to individual clubs within the leagues from around the world, but this has never impacted FIFA in anyway. Due to them also owning these same clubs rights. But on this occasion Konami went one extra and blocked EA out altogether.

This was hugely damaging to EA, with this business move by Konami leading to EA‘s value declining by a whopping £660m ($818m). This was an embarassing defeat for EA.

Why did the Juventus deal with konami cost EA so much money?

This business move was so costly to EA mostly because of this man, Cristiano Ronaldo. A man so popular that he himself is his own brand. For FIFA to be forced to have him wearing a generic kit was an embarassing blow for the game. And it was also the first time ever that EA has lost the image rights to a rival company.


To conclude, Konami will own the exclusive image rights to Juventus up until at least Fifa 23. Where only behind the scenes negotiations between all parties involved will know where the road leads from there. do you expect it to return to FIFA after 2023, or do you think the deal will get extended further? Let us know your thoughts!

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