PlayStation 4 firmware update 7.50 reportedly forces some consoles into a boot loop

PlayStation 4 firmware update 7.50 reportedly forces some consoles into a boot loop

Some PlayStation 4 consoles have reportedly been rendered inoperable by the latest software update. The 7.50 firmware allegedly forces some consoles into a boot loop. Other users state that their disk drives stopped working after installing the update.

With all the attention focused on the upcoming PlayStation 5, it can be quite easy to forget about its predecessor. The PlayStation 4 just received its version 7.50 firmware update yesterday. Looking at its changelog, it was little more than an incremental upgrade that tidied up some bugs. However, a few users are reporting that the software has caused their consoles to stop working altogether.

Several users took to Reddit to complain about problems that showed up after they installed the 7.50 update. One user states that his console refuses to boot altogether, while another says that the update has caused the console to enter a boot loop. Furthermore, a lot of people are unable to install the update altogether and get error code SU-42118-6 when they attempt to do so, indicating that the update didn’t sit well with some consoles’ disk drives.

Some users have reportedly got around the predicament by installing the firmware on their consoles via a USB drive. Others state that simply booting into Safe Mode did the trick. One user got in touch with Sony and was told by a support representative that the company is looking into the matter. If you own a PlayStation 4, we’d recommend that you hold off on installing the 7.50 update till we hear from Sony.

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