The Ultimate Rocket League Performance Guide Directory 2020

Ultimate Rocket League Performance Guide Directory

Here is the Ultimate Rocket League Performance Guide Directory. A convenient access point to all of the best guides on the internet. Please note, with a game like rocket league. There are most certainly shortcuts. But time and muscle memory are HUGE factors in progression. So the journey to Grand Champ will unavoidably be a lengthy process.

If you are keen to take this game seriously. You need to accept that you will need to put the training hours in. Treat it like any other sport. You enjoy football, you do drills to improve. You enjoy Tennis, you do drills to improve. You enjoy… You get the idea. Regardless of sport, You need to take time outside of competitive matches to truly perfect your technique. This holds true in rocket league as well.

The drills come in various forms. Basic Drills, Custom Drills, Free play as well as mods created by the community. However, Mods at present are only available on PC. So, unfortunately, any tutorial video that mentions the use of the workshop or recommends certain add on’s are specifically aimed at PC players. As such an alternative method or specific steps will need to be skipped for console players.

The most important thing when following these guides is to not get ahead of yourself. Make sure that you have mastered each Category (E.g Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) to a respectable level before moving on to the next. As going out of your depth on mechanics will slow down your rate of progression.


Rocket League Beginner Tips

If you’ve only just loaded the game up then you will unavoidably be playing at a fairly low standard. A lot of those pro’s you see nailing shot after shot or scoring a triple flip reset off the ceiling aerial shot, Have been playing rocket league since near the beginning.

Even the players pulling off those ridiculous shots you see in the compilations started somewhere. Date back to the first seasons of the Rocket League World Championships and Flip resets, Ceiling Shots and wave dashes were undiscovered skills that even the best in the business at the time didn’t know about.

At this stage, it is important you correctly set up your camera and control settings. Although they don’t particularly improve you as a player. They most certainly can drag you down if kept as standard.

Then you want to cover the basic mechanic fundamentals, Dribbling, Shooting, Aerials.

Choosing The right Car

The right car is primarily down to personal preference, but there are most definitely a select few that form the meta. Please refer to our Car Selection Guide for an in-depth look at the best car for you and what they exceed at.

Recommended Settings

Settings are the first thing any player should change upon beginning their journey to Grand Champion. The preset settings are really bad and can most certainly make your life difficult in advancing to the higher ranks. The sooner you change them the better.

Squishy Muffinz is one of the best Rocket League players in the world. He goes over his settings.

How to Rotate

Rotation is absolutely key at any rank in rocket league. And as the player grows more confident in their own ability. It is the first thing that is normally put to one side as the mistrust transitions from your own performance onto the confidence of others. This guide by the Virge is unquestionably for me the best out there. With great editing and incredible explanation.

I’d recommend rewatching this at the beginning of each category because it remains relevant throughout and you really need it as ingrained knowledge in order to get to successfully reach Grand Champ.

How to Shoot on Rocket League

‘Wayton Pilkin’ gives a great explanation as to how you can improve your shooting game. It does also cover pretty advanced shooting which at a beginner level doesn’t do all that much for but it doesn’t hurt to see it all.

How to Dribble on Rocket League

Dribbling is the first transition you notice through rank progression. You and others will find yourself opting to touch the ball down and try to keep the ball as close to the car as possible instead of opting to hit it as far as it will go.

This progress is both beneficial to your overall confidence but also opens up a lot more opportunities within the game to become unpredictable to the opposition.

In this video, Squishy Muffinz describes how he practised dribbling in order to reach where he’s at today.

How to Aerial

Aerials, much like dribbling, are vital for climbing the ranks. But unlike dribbling they are usually well outside of your comfort zone in the beginning. Many times whilst learning them will you find yourself going hurtling past the ball. This is normal.

At the lower ranks, you may at times find the toxic half of the rocket league community that will spam you with a “What a Save!” until the game steps in with a brief chat time out. But at the lower ranks, I can assure you that he on occasions does the exact same thing.

Rocket League Intermediate Tips

At this point it is likely you will have the fundamental mechanics down to a pretty solid standard, you will probably be playing to a platinum-Diamond standard. At this point, you want to start looking towards becoming less predictable to the opposition.

At this point please revisit the video in the beginner section about rotation, as it is easy to get carried away with your new-found confidence and forget about your fundamental role within the team.

How to Fast Kick Off

Fast kick-offs are very useful at getting an early advantage on the opposition. in ones, this is an absolute must learn. In two’s and three’s not as much. But is still very useful to know.

Backboard Defence

Backboard defence starts becoming necessary in the intermediate ranks and is a 100% prerequisite skill for you to learn before reaching the advanced ranks. Torment explains how to improve this aspect of your game.

How to Air Dribble

Air Dribbles are the first intermediate skill you will want to have in your locker. Allowing you to make life very difficult for the defence.

how to Master Half Flips

Half flips are necessary for a swift transition from attack to defence and vice versa. They share the same mechanic with the advanced mechanic of flip cancelling. But half flips are generally a lot easier to do.

How to Pull off Ceiling Shots

This mechanic borders on Advanced, Some people may get a hang of these as low as late-diamond/early-champ ranks. Others may be a grand champ that still struggles to pull off ceiling shots. But it’s crazy to think how many people can now pull these shots off effectively When the world went crazy just a few years ago when Squishy Muffinz was the first to do it on the world scene. Nobody at the time could quite understand what had just happened. But now here we are.

Rocket League Advanced Tips

Again, once you feel you have transitioned from intermediate to advanced. Revisit that rotation video back in the beginner section of the guide directory.

The advanced mechanics are all about placing yourself in full control of any given situation. Conserving boost, and then adding a whole new dimension to your mechanics.

How to Flip Reset

Flip Resets are impossible for any player to read. if set up correctly then the chances of you scoring from said chance are probably higher than not. This is due to the fact that no matter what the opposition does, you are in complete control of the situation.

How to Flip Cancel

Flip cancel is similar to half flipping in that it is virtually the same mechanic. The reason it is much more difficult to pull off is that you need to get used to utilizing it under pressured scenarios and at angles that are more uneven than when on the ground. Jake made a video talking you through it. Though touching on the mechanics he also explains scenarios where utilizing this skill has helped him capitalize on difficult situations,

How to Double Touch

At the higher ranks, a lot of the time you will hit the ball up onto the wall before dunking it into the opposition net because this adds a much more difficult dimension to defend against for teams. Rapid does a great job in instructing you on how to going for the popular double touch

How to Wave Dash

Wave dashing is a fantastic way of conserving boost. if you watch Squishy Muffinz play he virtually wave dashes everywhere as it keeps supersonic maintained whilst not spending any boost.

Other Skills

These are skills that aren’t really adding to any meta. But that isn’t to say they won’t benefit your game. Every single mechanic learned in this game in part improves others. Though these don’t really fit into any specific category. I wouldn’t work on these skills in beginner rank. But it doesn’t hurt to attempt them as low as intermediate as long as the player isn’t hoping to improve his overall performance dramatically by practising these.

How to Stall

Stalling is a great way to show off. and Pro’s are beginning to work this into their attacking scenarios. But it is still quite a way off becoming a necessary skill to know.

Fancy Flicks

Fancy Flicks are a stylish way of putting the ball away and they are probably a lot more useful to learn than the other entries into the “Other Skills” Category. Though I wouldn’t define them as being meta to reaching grand champ as long as a strong understanding of basic flicking is incorporated into your dribble play.

How to Tornado Drift

Drifting around on two wheels isn’t really practical. But it’s definitely a way to flaunt your technical ability.

Other Notes


I can never bring myself to recommend coaching within a video game. But as it’s technically no different than getting coaching within any hobby in the world I appreciate that for some it is something they are interested in. So I will at least help to point you in the right direction for coaching services.

Over at Rocket League Worlds Facebook Group, There is a group of admins that have been providing a high-end coaching service. That includes either Watching Video performance and commentating on how you can improve, or playing casual games with you to give you split-second feedback as and when things happen. Combine the two and you will soon be fast on your way to getting that GC title.

Please note that the service is a premium service and payment would be expected. Free coaching may be offered in some discord groups but make sure that the person you are taking advice from is in a position that their advice can be taken seriously. The guys at Rocket League World have some great credentials and reputation to back it up.

Rocket League World also has a great community that are usually happy to help outside of the coaching side of the group.


Boosting is something that everyone has probably considered at one point to obtain that Grand Champion title. But it is something I will never assist in advertising.

With boosting you will inevitably just end up getting Grilled by the Grand Champions who are good enough to conclude that you didn’t get there yourself.

And then as your ranks drop and you get to where you rightfully should be. You will get Griefed by every loss as people notice your “Grand Champ Title” and again, they will doubt the credibility of the player.

Achieving the rank of Grand Champion is something special, anything before that is targeting that end goal. And anything after that is solely playing for the enjoyment of the game. Or striving to reach top 100. Don’t ruin the moment for yourself.

Ultimate Rocket League Performance Guide Final Notes

Thanks for reading! We hope you have enjoyed our ‘Ultimate Rocket League Performance Guide’ if we have missed any mechanics that you feel should be covered in the list then feel free to comment below and we will be happy to amend the site to include those skills. Big shout out to these coaching resources who have provided top-quality guides.

Avid sports gamer whos love of the genre dates back to his very first football match, Where he loved competing but hated putting in any actual effort. Thus a compromise was met. Also loves to talk about himself in the third person to make himself seem more important than he is.


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