Ukie Reveals UK Game of Show Finalists

UKIE Competition

Winner of the competition on 24th August will represent the UK at the first EuroPlay Contest.

Ukie, the UK’s video game industry trade body, has announced the 15 finalists of the 2020 UK Game of Show competition, including exciting upcoming games from the likes of ustwo games, Codemasters and Auroch Digital.

Sponsored by Barclays Games, the competition set to take place on Monday 24th August will also decide the UK’s entry into the first EuroPlay Games Contest, taking place on Friday 28th August during gamescom.

A full list of the games competing in the UK Game of Show competition is below. More details can be found here on the Ukie website.

  • Amicable Animal – SOLAS
  • Auroch Digital – Mars Horizon
  • Codemasters – DIRT 5
  • Glitchers – Drive Buy
  • Huey Games – Wreckout
  • Junkfish Ltd – Monstrum 2
  • Just Add Oil – Road to Guangdong
  • Playtra Games – Grid Fight: Mask of the Goddess
  • Pretty Digital – kissy kissy!
  • ScribbleScape – This is Reality
  • Shotgun Mango – Frog Island
  • Thunderbox Entertainment – The Captain is Dead
  • UsTwo – Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
  • Level 91 Entertainment – Inertial Drift
  • Phigames – Recompile

“This line-up perfectly displays everything that’s great about the UK games industry,” said Ukie CEO Jo Twist. “From a next gen driving game to a synthwave puzzle game and a strategic survival game set on an exploding spaceship, the entries this year are a brilliant showcase for the depth of variety and wealth of ideas offered by the UK scene.”

David Gowans, Head of Barclays Games, added: “We are so excited to be working alongside our partners Ukie in the games industry, and see the UK Game of the Show as a perfect way to showcase the best of UK talent. I am really looking forward to seeing all 15 of the contenders to find what’s going to be next on my play list.”

The EuroPlay Contest will see one of the games representing a total of 15 countries compete in a live, Eurovision-style showcase of international talent to be broadcast on Twitch and hosted by Mr Midas. A public vote will ultimately decide the EuroPlay champion.

“We’ve represented some great international video games and are true Eurovision fans, so Dead Good PR is delighted to play a part in the first EuroPlay Games Contest at Gamescom,” said Stu Taylor, director of EuroPlay partner Dead Good Media. “We wish everyone taking part the greatest of success… but forgive us a little bias in hoping that the UK entries fare better in this contest than they do at Eurovision!”

Both competitions will follow the same format with each competing developer submitting a trailer that will be broadcast ahead of a public vote conducted on Twitter. During the contest, journalists, influencers and publishers will have a chance to meet the teams behind each competing game during a dedicated video-conference call.

A full list of the countries competing in EuroPlay and the trade bodies and organisations representing them, can be found below:

  • Australia, IGEA – Interactive Games & Entertainment Association
  • Belarus, Belarus Game Developers Association
  • Belgium, BelgianGames
  • Bulgaria, SYSF Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic, GDACZ – Czech Game Developers Association
  • Italy, IDEA – Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association
  • Latvia, Latvian Game Developers Association
  • Poland, Indie Games Poland
  • Romania, RGDA – Romanian Game Developers Association
  • Serbia, SGA – Serbian Games Association
  • Spain, DEV – Desarrollo Español de Videojuegos
  • Switzerland, Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council
  • The Netherlands, Dutch Games Association
  • Ukraine, Ukraine Game Developers
  • United Kingdom, Ukie

About Ukie (The Association of UK Interactive Entertainment)

Ukie is the not for profit trade body for the UK games and interactive entertainment industry. Its mission is to turn the UK into the best place to make, sell and play games in the world.

It represents nearly 500 businesses working across the UK, including game developers, publishers, platforms and service providers, in government. This includes industry advocacy work, managing industry press relations and running trade missions, as well as providing member services.

Ukie also runs a number of initiatives that further support the games ecosystem. This includes education initiatives such as Digital Schoolhouse, the responsible play site, the Video Game Ambassador’s careers scheme and events such as the London Games Festival.


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