Space Crew Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Space Crew Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Space Crew is the latest addition to Runner Ducks video game portfolio. Sticking close in design to their already successful title Bomber Crew. With a development team of only 2 personnel, Runner Duck partnered up with the popular publisher Curve Digital. Allowing them to focus solely on delivering a great game while leaving the marketing in capable hands.

Gameplay from the intial preview

take command of a spaceship as you come up against vicious phasmid foes, manically trying to maintain order and a cool head as you fight off wave after wave of aliens seeking your human booty. Find out if it’s worth buying in our Space Crew Review!

Space Crew is a unique tactical strategy game that focuses on micromanaging your crewmates as you travel through space, completing objectives and bringing phasmid motherships to nothing but space dust.


Space Crew Review – Gameplay

The game itself sprinkles in some great RPG elements. Levelling up your crewmate leads to fresh skills, secondary roles for the crewmates and improved gear to be worn. While also having to use the bounty earned from running missions and killing bosses to upgrade your ship, customizing it for the playstyle that you wish to adopt.

Space Crew Review

The combat includes a targeting system that acts as a distraction from the management of the ship. Countless times I found myself forgetting to target enemies because I was busy getting everyone into a position of fixing the ship. And countless other times I didn’t realize my engine was out of action because I was busy tagging enemies. This hand in hand combo lead to numerous mistakes – Adding frantic gameplay and adrenaline filled battles.

As well as the tagging system, The player has numerous skills that they can call upon to aid them in combat. with more and more skills becoming available to the player as they progress. Ranging from the player being able to momentarily evade the oncoming barrage of enemy fire, to calling in reinforcements to aid them in their fight. These skills encourage the player to find a good rotation of skills in order to stay alive.

Space Crew Review – Customization

The crew are customizable both in looks and build. You can equip them how you see fit as well as assign each character a secondary skill. Which means you can utilize people to secondary roles on the ship. allowing for those manic moments to really encourage you to maintain collected decision making. So go rename your crewmates names to that of you and your friends and hit the stars!

Space Crew Review – Repetitiveness

Where this game struggles with is the repetitiveness. Enemies are peppered in every jump in space as a form of filler and although you do sometimes meet an impromptu boss fight, each mission does usually feel a repeat of the last 5 or 6.

The gameplay as a whole, although occasionally repetitive, Does move along chapter to chapter introducing new challenges for the player to overcome and was a game I thoroughly enjoyed throughout.

The Story moves along at a steady pace, when you do feel yourself growing tired of one chapters repetitive missions, they move you along to the next chapter to face new challenges and enemies. With the story unravelling before you as it goes. Although pretty barebones, the story is there.

Does Space Crew work well on a Cheap PC/Switch?

The Graphics offers up a cartoony, glowed design. Which is an uncommon route for Space games to take. usually opting to go for a more realistic experience. But the design looks fun. And it allows for people running off of integrated graphics and budget build PC’s to enjoy. The simple design also aided in the flawless transition to the Nintendo Switch, Which during our time testing, We didn’t come across any problems on the Switch platform.


All in all Space Crew was a fantastic and unique game that despite the occasional repetitiveness that the player is met with, is still most definitely worth a purchase. I found myself going back for more. playing through a second time in order to build my ship differently and face a new challenge. Despite the minor complaints. Space Crew was a fantastic time waster.

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