Saints Row The Third Remastered PS4 Pro Review – The Saints are back and slicker than ever

Saints Row The Third Remastered PS4 Pro Review – The Saints are back and slicker than ever

I think by now the regular readers AIR Entertainment know my views on remasters and remakes of what were great games. The annoyance is not only laziness but ruining what was. Now, I know there is a world of difference between a Remaster and a Remake and its the later that fails usually. Take Capcom; there is already rumours that they are working on Resident Evil 4 Remake. It has already been remastered and that was enough for me, especially after they ruined the Resident Evil 3 remake.

So, Saints Row the Third. Well, its a trusty remaster. 9 years after originally releasing, Volition and Deep Silver have polished it up for the current generation. Technically however, it is the third time that it has now been released. Originally and then the Switch port last year.


Adult Content

If you’re not aware of what the game entails, firstly, have you lived your life under a rock? Secondly, I’m not here to review the old game. I am simply here to review the upgrades Volition and Deep Silver have made and let you decide if it is worth you going out and snagging it.

In brief however; Saints Row 3 is simply a GTA satire. Where Rockstar took their game seriously, Deep Silver have made the entire thing a parody. It is comically over the top, but was the last title in the franchise to keep one foot in reality. Well, until Alien DLC got involved that is. Saints Row 4 just went Sci-fi crazy and didn’t work for me. Saints Row 3 was possibly the best release in the series as far as I’m concerned.

At least the idea of skydiving out of a helicopter and parachuting in to kill all the bad guys who had taken refuge in your gangs old rooftop penthouse was more relatable than the world being invaded by Aliens. Then there was the soundtrack; always on point for what you were doing at the time.

There is an extensive upgrade menu to get to grips with. Completing missions, activities and even driving like a maniac earns respect and money. Cash all that in for more gang members, dual wielded pistols and vehicles. The great thing however was that menu was so easy to use. Then there is the stupid weapons you can equip and use which (yes) includes a huge dildo to knock people out with. Even the story holds up well where so many open world games like this fail at times.

Side missions were also fun. Given a set amount of time to exact as much damage as possible was and still is great fun. If a comic book did gang warfare on a large scale, Saints Row 3 was that comic. Never has a game taken on an open world scenario like this and refused to take itself seriously to this extent. Even when you create your character you can enhance your manhood or breasts depending on which sex you choose. Obviously pixelated out, but the idea is still fun. Then the game will allow you to run around the streets naked if you wish. event the car customisation is nicely over the top.

New wheels

A lot of work has gone in to remastering the city of Steel Port. From a whole new lighting engine with Physical Based Rendering and Global Illumination through to the smallest details. Running on the PS4 Pro it does look good. Possibly one of the best remasters I have seen so far. OK, it doesn’t come up to the standards of some games built from the ground up specifically for the PS4, but I don’t want that from a remaster.

I want a game to be able to re-live the great experience I had the first time round and not ruin those memories. All the textures in the game are vastly enhanced as well as foliage around Steel Port being completely redone. It shows in the games level of detail as a whole. Put it this way.. have you ever played a game on the PS1 and thinking that the graphics were amazing and realistic in your head? Well, the same went for me when I played this originally on the PS3. Now, on my PS4 Pro in stunning 4K, the graphics are the way I imagined they were in my head on last gen consoles. To prove that point to myself I blew the dust off my PS3 and played the game to see if I could notice improvements.

I knew the PS4 was displaying better graphics when I started to play for review, but this was made even more apparent going back to the original. People don’t need to do the same, but if you do you will see the vast improvements made. The thing is, most will have forgotten the last gen graphics compared side by side to this gen; there is a vast difference.

The rougher part of town

There could have been an improvement with AI characters. Unfortunately we are still limited to a select few people trying to kill us. It does get slightly irritating going up against a mass gang filled with identical octuplets attacking you. Perhaps create some new enemies to take on Volition? Having proved that a game can be greatly overhauled, just add a little more for the fans.

Other than that issue I was really happy with the remaster. The frame rate ran great on my Pro and there were no issues, nor any glitches that I could find. The game releases as a complete package featuring all of the original DLC that came with last gens release.

In conclusion

Saints Row 3 Remastered is everything I could want in a remaster. Graphics being tuned up nicely and nothing has been lost from the joy of the original game. Now, as for a score for the game. As I said, I wasn’t here to review the game as a whole; we all know how great the original was. But how well have Deep Silver performed remastering a last gen title?

9/10 easily is the answer to that. What we have here is a lesson on exactly what to do (albeit with a few minor issues) when remastering a game. Capcom could seriously take lessons here. It will appeal to both old and new fans alike. I say new fans because after you have played through the comically over the top story, you will be instantly converted to the game.

So, 2 games in one day released by Deep Silver? Which one do you prefer? Saints Row or ManEater?

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