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Gamers as old as I am (perhaps older) may remember the Atari 2600. One of the first games I enjoyed on the classic console was Missile Command. Published in 1980, it was an action arcade platform game where you sent missiles into the sky to protect your cities. It’s the game on which Missile Command: Recharged is based.

Today, the remastered version of the retro arcade game launched for the Nintendo Switch and PC. While Missile Command: Recharged originally launched on 26 March 2020 for Android and iOS devices, the new platform version of the game features new options. We’ll discuss this in detail in our game review below.

Platform reviewed:Nintendo Switch
Release date:27 May 2020
Price:£2.69 / $2.99 / R49
Genre:Arcade, Platform
File size2GB


Missile Command: Recharged Story

Missile Command: Recharged review

The main story for Missile Command: Recharged hasn’t changed from the original. Several bombing raids will attempt to blow up your six cities. With 3 launch facilities at your command, you send missiles up into the sky to destroy the incoming bombs.

There is no mission focus or stages to pass. It’s simply an endless barrage of bombs raiding your cities, with the scale of the attacks increasing the longer you survive. The ultimate objective is to reach the highest score on the leaderboard, bringing back the classic arcade gaming style.

While bringing back a classic is always fun, we would have enjoyed some missions with key objectives. Instead, Missile Command: Recharged simply keeps assaulting you, testing your skills at staying alive.

What could have been better was if there was local or online multiplayer available. Side by side action with scores adding up while both sides defend the cities would have been brilliant. The only multiplayer feature available is checking the leaderboard scores.


Playing Missile Command: Recharged

Our Missile Command: Recharged review found the gameplay to be rather effortless. Use the left analogue stick to aim, press the ‘B’ button to fire. You’ll activate power-ups and abilities by blowing up specific blocks and items in the sky. It brings back the feeling of only having the joystick and red button to play with on the classic Atari 2600 controller.

The Combat system

At first, there isn’t much too the combat system in Missile Command: Recharged. You’ll spend your time targeting bombs and blowing them up. However, as time progresses, strong attack units will send upgraded bombs. Some will divert your missiles, leaving you with deciding on a new plan of attack quickly.

You may feel like there’s no strategy involved. Nonetheless, as the attacks grow in fury and number, you’ll need to find the best strike points. You must mentally calculate speed and trajectory within split seconds to ensure you survive. Or, you can just play like everyone else and hope for the best.


Missile Command: Recharged review

One of the new features is the upgrade system. As you collect points, you can assign them to one of four upgrade systems after you die. The higher the level, the more points you’ll need to upgrade them. It means you’ll be stronger for the next round and harder to defeat.

How Missile Command: Recharged Plays on the Switch

The Switch has two benefits over the PC. Firstly, you can take it with you wherever you want with detachable joy cons. Secondly, it has a touch screen. The second feature allows you to send missiles with the touch of your finger. It allows better control of the missiles, since you don’t have to move the cursor to a new location. You save time simply by tapping.


Missile Command: Recharged is infinitely replayable. You can replay as much as you want trying to beat your and your friends’ scores. Additionally, you’ll want to see what new bombs attack you the further you progress. As you upgrade and become stronger, you’ll last longer and achieve higher scores.

How Missile Command: Recharged looks

It’s evident in our Missile Command: Recharged review that the retro arcade game is remastered. Gone are the stale, ancient graphics, and in comes the modern, neon look. Missiles, bombs, cities, and launch facilities all have upgraded designs and animations.

How it sounds

Missile Command: Recharged also has updated sounds and a great soundtrack. You’ll hear new ‘pew-pew’ sounds and bomb explosions that replace the retro sounds completely. There’s an option in the main menu to turn off sounds and music, although we’re not sure why anyone would want to.

Missile Command: Recharged: Final Verdict

Overall, Missile Command: Recharged brings back the old classic arcade game with modern graphics and sound. While it could have introduced other modern features, such as local multiplayer and mission objectives, it’s an enjoyable experience for all the nostalgic gamers out there.

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