Real Madrid May Not Be Appearing In FIFA 21 If Konami Have Their Way.

Real Madrid May Not Be Appearing In FIFA 21 If Konami Have Their Way.

It is being reported online, from an unverified source, That Konami are in talks with Real Madrid to purchase the clubs image rights for their Upcoming ‘PES 2021‘ installment.


What is the Rumour?

The rumour is that Real Madrid are being offered 15% more from Konami than what they are currently making from EA. Meaning that if true, there is a possibility that Konami could steal yet another teams image rights from the hands of EA. (read more about the contract between Konami and Juventus, which is set to expire in 2022, here.)
When translated the Tweet states – ” PES wants to join up the licenses of Madrid(Real Madrid) and Barca(Barcelona FC). Offering for the club(Real Madrids image license), that are doubtful to renew with EA.
When asked how much Konami were offering. The Leak source replied “The club renewed with EA in 2017 for 10% more and now Konami offers 15% more. the same as what Barcelona were given. EA is expected to improve its sponsorship renewal offer.

The Rumor started from an alias twitter account, named “Rey Joker Blanco”(White Joker King) who is said to be an employee at Real Madrid, though his identity is unknown. However, he has on numerous occasions successfully predicted transfers and previous licensing contracts. Including the sales of Eden Hazard, Courtois and the return of footballing legend Zinedine Zidane to the club. He also correctly predicted the licensing deal between Konami and Juventus last year.

Being Realistic

This contract deal gets a lot more tricky here than it was in the JuventusKonami deal that was signed last year though. Because Juventus control their own image rights. Whereas Real Madrid’s are owned by FIFA. So the contract is generally out of their hands.

The strongest possibility is that both EA and Konami could hold the image rights to Real Madrid CF for their next respective titles. with the world famous Santiago Bernabeu stadium exclusively appearing on PES. Much like is the case with Real Madrid’s rivals Barcelona FC.

Currently in order to play as Real Madird on Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, mods are required.

Further possibilities

with the FIFA series’ decline in popularity and quality. Konami have already proved they are more than willing to take the fight to EA. Embarrassing EA with the exclusive rights deal signed with Juventus last year.

there could possibly be a loop hole within Real Madrid CF’s contract with FIFA that allows for them to negotiate their own deals, so there is still every possibility that EA could have to replace Real Madrid with a generic team similar to this years “Piemonte Calcio“.

Only time will tell if there is any credibility to this source. Much like any rumor, it should be taken with a pinch of salt. But if there is any truth to it. It will be a very interesting period for both footballing video game franchises.

EA and FIFA contract expiring.

With FIFA and EA’s Partnership contract expiring in 2022, and the extension talks yet to take place. Could we potentially be looking at Konami attempting to sneak up and overthrow EA from their corporate throne?

The answer to that is most likely no. EA are a lot more successful than Konami. (Read our top 10 gaming company rich list here) And as such will probably be unable to compete financially with Electronic Arts.

On the other hand, if there was ever a better time to go up against EA for the FIFA contract then it would be at the end of the current one. With FIFA’s playerbase growing tired of the quality of games that EA are delivering. All it takes is for Konami to get the backing of the people, as well as an injection of funding. And what better way to belittle a company than to sign exclusive access to two of the largest teams in the world?

To Summarise

Again, I would say rumors can never be trusted. The only way we can know for sure if these rumors are correct is to just wait and see. What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see Konami attempting to battle EA for the FIFA affiliation? or do you remain loyal to the FIFA franchise?

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